Book Declaration Term 3

1For this term, I have chosen to read Asylum was written by,  Madeleine Roux. This book was published in 2013 by Minnesota. I chose to read this book because I

like horror stories and this one sounded and look very scary so I might get too scared and stop reading the book. at the beginning of the book, a guy finds a picture of a guy and his eyes are crossed out and it’s very scary


2 this book in written by Madeleine Roux this book was written in 2013 in Minnesota. The book asylum has sold into 9 different countries. she also now lives in Seattle Washington. She has sold over a million copies of the book called asylum and many others.


3 A basic plot for this book has got to be how this guy goes to a college and his dorm in an asylum and he finds very scary things in his dorm the first day! It talks about how this guy has to fight ghost people in guessing cause he’s in a haunted asylum. I expect that this guy is going to run into a lot of ghosts and he’s going to explore the locked up basement because it just seems like something that he would do in a horror story so that’s what I’m guessing is going to happen. I also hope that his roommate dies because I already hate him and I have barely even read the book!


book declaration term 2

For this term, I have chosen to read Ravens Gate written by Anthony Horowitz. This book was published in October 2006 by Scholastic inc. I chose to read this book because I asked the teacher what books were like Micheal Vey and she said that this one was like the book so I read the back of the book and it seemed super coolThere are 254 pages in this book. The main character is Matt.


This book is written by Anthony Horowitz. This book was written on Agust 1 2005 & this book was written in the United Kingdom. the author of this book lives in the United Kindom and that’s cool.


This guy goes to jail and he has a choice to either go to jail or this weird grandmas house. The basic conflict is probably how he goes to this grandma’s house and needs to leave the house. I except that this guy goes to grandma’s house and he starts to see creepy things and he needs to get out of the house and make money. This book has a full 254 pages in it. It will probably take me 30-50 days to finish this book. I will need to read about 7 pages each night to finish before December 6.


Lost In Outer Space The Incredible Journey Of Apollo 13 By: Tod Olson

Im reading lost in outer psace the incredible journey of apollo 12 By: Tod Olson. This book is set place in Space.  this book took place in April 11, 1970.

This book is set in 1970 and they are in space for basically the whole book. When they launched it was around thanksgiving time and it was mostly cloudy for the whole book because it didn’t say if it rained or not because it cant rain in space.

Well this book is mostly taken part in space but there are times when it gets dark so well they go up into space and in like the first 1 to 10 hours of them in space there ship starts to break down. And down at earth it is now starting to get dark and the crew down on earth at the NASA station cant really get any sleep so there going to have to start and take shifts.

When it gets to go dark the peoples body in space are going to be so used to going to sleep when its dark and there going to start and get tired so there going to have to take shifts. just like how our body’s adjust to the time and when we go to sleep. Also the people on earth will get really tired and will need to rest. The End.


Book Declaration Term 1

Lost in outer space the incredible journey of Apollo 13.  For this term, I have chosen to read Lost in outer space the incredible journey of Apollo 13. written by Tod Olson. This book was published in January 2017. by Scholastic Nonfiction. I chose to read this book because it looked really interesting.

Tom Olson has written a lot of lost fiction books. this is  a nonfiction book when it probably should be fiction because it talks about true stuff that actually happend i the Apollo 13 journey he also made a series on how to get rich

The basic plot of this book it about how people went to space and it went wrong. The basic conflict of this book is how the ship starts to break down and how they need to survive in the broken ship. I expect that they go to space and almost die and predict that they then come back to earth lucky. This book has 213 pages. This book will probably take me a month to read. I should read about 7 pages a day

All about me 2019

Hi, my name is Memphis Huntsman and I am 13 years old and I am in the 8th grade. I really like to play baseball, football, and basketball. My favorite book series is Micheal Vey. I also have a dog named Wilson. I am also deaf in my right ear. My name is also the same as a city. I also really like Minecraft. And if you also like to play Minecraft I have a blog all about Minecraft! And that’s all about me!


how to Minecraft

Author move, Detail


So in order to even play Minecraft your going to need to download it. Than you sign up then u create new world or join world. Than you will spawn into this radical world. You might want to  build a shelter before the night. You are going to need some tools and torches. wood is a pretty good resource that can help you build houses and make tools. when it reaches night time the mobs or the people that try to kill you start to come out. you are going to need to try and protect your self. its not easy to try and protect your self, if you go mining you can fall in lava. lava can be good and can be a source of light and a source of death  it can burn animals and can burn you.  burning animals can give you cooked meat. Cooked food makes your hunger bar go up faster than raw foods.  Horses are fun for jumping over things and doing mini games. mini games are for players who are more experienced mini games are like when you do all sorts of games that are easy or hard and you are competing against other players. there are also these thing called jukeboxes were you can put them on different blocks and they will make a different sounds. some people are so good with jukeboxes that they can play all sorts of songs. also some of the best players can mine so good that they can find diamonds in like 15 minutes. you might be thinking that 15 minutes is a long time, but that’s actually really good. when mining you are going to want to build stairs down and not dig straight down because you can have a huge chance of falling in lava. But with stairs its a lot less likely to fall in lava because you are watching your step before you mine. When you mine you should always bring torch with you or else you wont be able to see and because monsters could spawn. There are also some ravines that you can mine into witch will sometimes have some really good loot like sometimes gold, iron, coal, and diamonds! Diamonds are one of the rarest things in Minecraft! It’s so good because it can mine stuff faster and it will last longer than any pickaxe in the game. There are also some really bad people in Minecraft that go around killing you and breaking the stuff you’ve built. The main one that would do that is Herobrian! Herobrian can usually never be seen because its so rare for him to come into you world. But if he does you will know because he will kill yo instantly and he will destroy everything you have built. Moving on, you can also create some really cool things like, mazes, pools, really nice houses, and you can even make a tree house if you really wanted to. Houses are only good if you are the person that wants a place to store your stuff and to have a nice bed. Houses can also be a place were you start a mine at. Some people like when there houses are under ground or in the mountains because they don’t have to spend forever chopping down trees or mining a certain block. You can also make farms in minecraft and you can breed animals. When you breed them there will be a baby one witch will turn into an adult soon and you can kill it and get its meat or you could keep it and keep breeding.

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