Book Declaration Term 3

1For this term, I have chosen to read Asylum was written by,  Madeleine Roux. This book was published in 2013 by Minnesota. I chose to read this book because I

like horror stories and this one sounded and look very scary so I might get too scared and stop reading the book. at the beginning of the book, a guy finds a picture of a guy and his eyes are crossed out and it’s very scary


2 this book in written by Madeleine Roux this book was written in 2013 in Minnesota. The book asylum has sold into 9 different countries. she also now lives in Seattle Washington. She has sold over a million copies of the book called asylum and many others.


3 A basic plot for this book has got to be how this guy goes to a college and his dorm in an asylum and he finds very scary things in his dorm the first day! It talks about how this guy has to fight ghost people in guessing cause he’s in a haunted asylum. I expect that this guy is going to run into a lot of ghosts and he’s going to explore the locked up basement because it just seems like something that he would do in a horror story so that’s what I’m guessing is going to happen. I also hope that his roommate dies because I already hate him and I have barely even read the book!


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