Empathy is to be able to feel and understand what others are feeling. It gives us the ability to be emotionally capable of understanding of what others are feeling. Of course we need it. When we’re more able to “experience” what others experience we can find ways to help others much more efficiently.  I do have it i have no clue how to get it perhaps being around people more often and trying to understand them. A time i have had empathy for others or have failed. Well my friend needed some relationship advise and he was vary emotional about it and i had absolutely no clue what to say i prolly could have said something wise like be your own man for you are more than you know and go all Yoda on him but i didn’t. But i have shown empathy for my siblings when it comes to doing chores and if they are very busy and stressed i would be the saint that i am and help them with their responsibility.Related image

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