Climbing into other peoples skin :0

Well i think he means the same thing we mean when we say stepping into another shoes like imagine yourself in their situation would you have done any thing different. And i mean i hope putting someone else’s skin on is illegal or i gotta rethink how i live my life. Yeup i do it every time i feel empathy and am try feeling what others feel because i am in their skin even tho that sounds terrifying and wrong. Well it helps me understand how the person feels and how i might feel in that same circumstance and what i might do.Image result for shoes


Empathy is to be able to feel and understand what others are feeling. It gives us the ability to be emotionally capable of understanding of what others are feeling. Of course we need it. When we’re more able to “experience” what others experience we can find ways to help others much more efficiently.  I do have it i have no clue how to get it perhaps being around people more often and trying to understand them. A time i have had empathy for others or have failed. Well my friend needed some relationship advise and he was vary emotional about it and i had absolutely no clue what to say i prolly could have said something wise like be your own man for you are more than you know and go all Yoda on him but i didn’t. But i have shown empathy for my siblings when it comes to doing chores and if they are very busy and stressed i would be the saint that i am and help them with their responsibility.Related image

2nd semester stuffs

I don’t know what i was best at in first semester but i thought i did pretty good on the analysis stuff.  I was a decent student i didn’t kill anyone or anything. My greatest success was not failing the class and school. I sucked at essays I do not enjoy nor was i good at writing essays though writing for fun isn’t bad. Well i got a B last semester and im cool with that so im dont think i need to change much maybe just getting stuff in on time. My goal is to show up to class every day and participate.Related image

Design Thinking Process, Feelings?

It is pretty good. Its an effective process for judging others work and could help me think more critically in the future. By emphasizing with people and trying to understand their point of view is very important especially in this day and age where everyone is so sensitive about their feelings and opinions. Trying to define what they’ve said and their opinion will allow us to fully understand what someone is saying. Thinking of ideas to correctly communicate with people. And of course prototype its a little harder to relate that to real life and communication but i personally think of it as wording and thinking of what you’re going to say before you say it as not to offend anyone and then finally testing putting your words into the universe and watching the response you get. Image result for grapes

Promoting Change

Yes, change is an important part of society and progression without it we would be at a standstill. If we don’t start change someone will it’s part of this world so even if we wanted to stop things from changing it’s nearly impossible. People promote change by say starting a new style or making up new music types mostly just little things that add up but for larger problems like racism are much harder to get rid of and take being more deliberate the civil rights movement is how it was done and doing stuff on a similar basis is how we would have to make change and getting laws passed. Image result for change

Thanksgiving words of the week

I walked down the stairs of the old castle. When i got to the ground floor people were buzzing around like bees one man with a receding hairline stood in wait of some cranberries another person was frantically slipping past people his hands held many food items. A women walked by me giving me a smile “Happy Thanksgiving!” she said, her enthusiasm bubbled over into her. “Eh” I grunted. I found my way to the dining hall and filled my plate with some food. The night before left me sore and grumpy the reclusion took over and i went back to my room not wanting to talk to people.Image result for dining hall

Search for the Perfect Book

“Dead End in Norvelt” by Jack Gantos is a book set during the cold war and the main character, Jack, is just getting out of school and is excited for his break but after getting caught in an argument with his parents he gets grounded. But he goes to work for an old lady in the town writing newspaper articles on an old typewriter its a mystery and also looks like a very interesting and intriguing read. According to its reviews it has a great mystery and a wonderful unraveling at the end. And its called Dead End which is a fun and cool name.Dead End in Norvelt (Norvelt Series) by Jack…

How I define equality

First of all equality is the idea of things being same, that is it in its most basic form. So go deeper beyond the surface. What is equality, well i believe that what means for people in a society to be equal is not necessarily for then to be the same just have the same opportunity. Now you might be thinking how exactly is that any different from being in its simplest form equal, you see opportunity is choice which means that having the same opportunity or choice is in fact having equal potential tho of course we know that not everyone has equal potential because of their skills or specialties say some people are good at swimming and others are great at math. So to make everyone equal we have to make sure they have the same skills right? Well sure if you can find a way to make everyone good at everything than that would be a wonderful option but as we have witnessed in “Harrison Bergeron” taking everyone down to a basic level is not so good. So instead of doing either of those things the best option for a country and society is to bring everyone up to their full potential and give them all the same choices and opportunity allowing people to do as they please. Now is our country’s Deceleration of Independence accomplishing that, yes  though it may not be enforced by our officials as well as it could and should. It states “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” and if we allow all people to have those things then i do believe our country would be absolutely equal. Sadly I don’t think we’re quite to that point yet but i would hope we are on our way there. In short equality is having the same opportunity and decision privilege.Image result for declaration of independence


I awoke disoriented, my senses coming to me one at a time first the taste. Blood rich and coppery coated Image result for a burned down candlemy lips and mouth, it was mostly dry. Then the smell hit me it smelled of death and it filled the air making me cough and wheeze. My head hurt, a lot the pounding from the previous night was catching up with me. I opened eyes to see a dim cavern surrounding me the only light coming from a burned down candle on the floor. The cavern was large a school bus could fit inside it without too much hassle its walls were smooth and made of obsidian they shimmered in the dim candlelight. I sat up it took me a few tries but i managed it with a grunt. That’s when i heard it a a high pitched whine it was nearly out of the reach of human hearing and no mere mortal could of heard it without intense concentration. Fallowing the whine was a screech of sheer malevolence and apprehension whatever was making that noise was not happy and was coming towards me and fast…

That darn issue of equality!

What is equality? Equality is having the same or equal opportunity to make choices. What some might call privilege is only based on the decisions of the people before you. Say you live in a dingy old house and your family is not very wealthy. Who’s fault is that yours or your parents? Now I’m not trying to bash on anyone and i’m sorry if you feel offended but this topic can be very sensitive and if you do feel offended by what i’m saying then stop reading honestly. So to get back to what i was saying Who’s fault is it if you live in a not so nice place well it obviously isn’t yours because that’s completely out of your control. So therefor it must be your parents or guardians fault. See that goes along with the idea of decision privilege what your parents decided to do gives you a certain degree of privilege. Now does that mean that our country is not equal. Well yes and no yes because if we’re strictly looking at the definition of equal in its simplest meaning than of course no one is equal. But if we want to fallow the idea of equality which is not that everyone must be equal but that everyone must have equal opportunity. If we tried to make everyone exactly the same no rich people and no poor then everyone must be middle class. So then wouldn’t by making everyone equal take away our freedom of choice freedom of opportunity. Therefor doesn’t being equal take away our equality. I believe that true equality is having equal opportunity to be the best that you Related imagecan be so everyone may not be good at everything but we all have a chance to do what we want or can do the best.