Love Moderately

I believe that he’s saying don’t rush into it so dang fast or its not gonna work for you. If your so crazy about Juliet all the time then its gonna get dull. Don’t do anything extreme. I think that this is good advice because in a relationship too much can be a bad thing.  I would think theyre not going to take this advice because as we all know they end up dying in the end, and i’d say thats about as extreme as it gets. We should all take that advice in life doing everything in the extremes can make life harder its good to just find a balance and a middle ground. Everything will be much easier but at the same time a mediocre life is boring so find a balance in your balance and itll be great.Image result for balance


I think that the reason people hate each other is because they were taught growing up to do that. So the people have learned their whole lives that that is what they should hate. Imagine in our day now we have in some way been taught by society and especially in Utah to think differently of people who aren’t Mormon now does that mean those people are any better or worse, of course not but just by the fact that we are scared of the unknown we still seem to somehow dislike those types of people. Now hopefully your parents don’t teach hatred in your house but i hope you could kind of get somewhat of the idea i’m trying to explain. People can simply hate because that’s what they were taught. Luckily if those people become informed and work their differences out it can be fixed.Image result for hatred

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think Shakespeare should still be taught in our society for the simple cultural reasons that all of the generations before have learned it and so understanding it can really help us connect with other generations. I think Shakespeare’s writing is a beautiful thing and that if we can learn to understand something as complex and challenging as his work then there’s not going to be much we cant understand. The old writing style also gives us a great view of how life was back then and even how the people might have talked. Shakespeare can give us a great writing view as well as a very interesting historical viewpoint.Related image

What don’t i know about my fellow students

Well I think a lot of the time we judge people because of how we see them whether we judge them for their appearance or simply because we don’t know them. But as i have done this assignment i feel i have learned that everyone has their own crap they have to deal with and while i personally don’t ever like to judge people sometimes its very hard and ill do it without even noticing. One thing i think we can all get out of this is to just befriend everyone and love everyone. If everyone in the world was a loving hippie then no judgment would ever have to pass. And the world would be a happier place so no matter how much you dislike someone at first try to get to know someone before you make any final calls.Related image

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I would like to be able to analyze a piece of literature or something and understand what the people in it our thinking and trying to accomplish. I really enjoy theatre and the performance side of that but what really catches my attention is how much some theatre people can get out of a tiny portion of script or literature. I didn’t really have any goals at the beginning of the year my main thing was just don’t fail and ive managed to do that. I haven’t really struggled that much with anything accept that sometimes the work can be very long and time-consuming witch i generally don’t like but other than that its all good.

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What Makes People Great?

I think that in our day and age something that makes a person great all comes down to how much they care about others vs themselves. When it comes down to it every single one of us are selfish weather or not we want to believe it. We do things to further enjoy our lives and to get something from it. But that is not necessarily a bad thing you see even when helping someone we are still trying to get something from them weather it be their happiness or something more selfish like money or shelter or anything in general.Related image

Good Stuff

“If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head” (244) How does this advance the plot because its saying that you should not hit your head against a wall because that is bad and can result in brain damage. But Atticus does not care for he likes to beat his head and it is his head.  So the moral of this line is to not beat your head against a stone because you will be stupid and the whole metaphor will be pointless. Because if you dont not not beat your head metaphorically then Tom Robinson is dead sorry bro.


Well depending on certain things like is your family going to be put in danger by doing this and how much persecution are you going to get. Also whats your reasoning behind it if its for a good cause like defending the black guy because its his job hes going to do the best that he can even though he knows its not going to make a difference its still what should be done. So yes it is worth it to try because of the lesson you are able to get out of it. Its a case by case thing if this black man is going to die than its probably pretty important and you should go as far as you can without getting anyone killed. It tells us that he is a man of his word and that he says hes going to do something then he’ll stick by that even if it costs him his reputation, Yes and no its good that he is doing his job but he does have to know where the line is if his family is endangered than he outta stop. Image result for old picture of a man

To Kill a Mockingbird so far..

Its been pretty good i’ve enjoyed it tho i prolly wouldn’t of read it on my own just because it doesn’t seem like it would be as interesting as it is. But it is really good and i predict its only going to get better. Even tho its not a book i would normally like its so well done that you just have to appreciate it even if you didnt like it. My whole family has read this book and they liked it a lot because i guess its a classic. I dont think i would read it more than once even tho its good it just doesnt seem like the kind of book that i  would want to read twice.Image result for harper lee to kill a mockingbird

Climbing into other peoples skin :0

Well i think he means the same thing we mean when we say stepping into another shoes like imagine yourself in their situation would you have done any thing different. And i mean i hope putting someone else’s skin on is illegal or i gotta rethink how i live my life. Yeup i do it every time i feel empathy and am try feeling what others feel because i am in their skin even tho that sounds terrifying and wrong. Well it helps me understand how the person feels and how i might feel in that same circumstance and what i might do.Image result for shoes