Whats on my mind

Hey so i’m going to tell you a bit about my 2019! So In January my family and I went to Hawaii! It was so much fun. I had never been and so it was a super cool experience! And so fun and I want to go again so bad! And then I finished my 8th grade year. My mom got married to the best step dad in the world. I got 2 more younger brothers. I became best friends with my best friend. I got my first crush and my friend group broke apart. Went to park city with my dads side and that was a blast! My mom, sister and I went to New York! It was a blast! I got a better relationship with my mom and sister. I went to Michigan with my step dads family and it was super fun. I had to miss going to bear lake. Ik sad. My grandma and my grandpa came home from their mission. Made the High School soccer team! I started 9th grade. I made another best friend. Hes a he lol. I went to party’s every Friday night! it was a blast! I had my first kiss haha. I started reading 20 pages of my bom every night. I switched rooms with my sister. I had a great 2019!

whats this got to do with me

The thing that I got out of my story was don’t keep secrets from people because somebody knows or will find out and it can end bad. The story I read was “After twenty years” by O’Henry. I think secrets and gossip is overrated. You shouldn’t gossip and keep secrets especially if it could hurt someone’s feelings. This story made me realize that secrets and gossip can hurt others feelings. Just like in the story how bob didn’t tell jimmy he was a criminal and then jimmy found out and bob got really hurt by going to jail lol.  Don’t keep secrets from your parents, friends and family. It can hurt others and your self. Take time to think about what your say to others before you say it. Make sure before you say it to the whole school or something bad like that make sure it’s not going to hurt anybody. I think this is one of the major things we all could change as a community. And make sure if you do accidentally hurt someones feelings by your words you apologize to then sincerely.

Free body and soul free

When you get trapped in a scary darkness and you don’t feel free anymore you need to get help and tell somebody what you feel. You can get trapped in stress, school, sports, friends, family, and so much more. And when you finally feel like you get out of all of it you somehow end up right back in the middle of it. I think each day you need to have some free time to your self so you can cope with everything that is stressful in your life and be free! Body and soul free! There are many ways you can cope with all of this stress in your life. Here are some examples, you could read, go for a run, organize things, clean, listen to music, watch a movie, play a sport, just chill and think, service, and lots more. In my mind I am free when I am stress free.

Suspense and Word Choice

One night there was this kid walking down the street. It was 9 pm so the sun was down. He was going to his best friends house when all of a sudden he heard a scream! He ran behind the nearest bush. He stayed there for 10 minuets and nothing happen. So he decided to sprint to his best friends house. Her house was at the end of the street and he was a soccer player. He played forward so he was super fast. He thought to himself if i run fast enough nothing can get me. He counted to 3 and then zoomed off to ward her house. He sprinted with all of his might and strength. As soon as he got to her house he ran in and slammed the door behind him. Nothing had happened and he was all right. As he peered up from the ground he saw his best friend. She looked scared and worried. He told her what happened and said

“Haha bro I was the one who screamed. My little brother scared me.” he replied with a laugh and then they sat down to do their homework.

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1st Term Business

I feel this class is a good class! It is challenging but not too much to where it is impossible. I have given my best effort. I feel that I have tried my best to meet the criteria of each assignment. I’m trying my best to read faster and actually read but I do not have a lot of free time because of soccer, school and family stuff. I used to not be the best at English but I feel I have gotten a lot better at my essays and paragraphs. Next term I am going to try to read at home and finish at least two books. That is my goal for next term.

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Technology: Friend or Foe?

I think technology can be friend or foe. It honestly depends on how much you use technology. Technology can be super dangerous or super helpful. I think we should keep using technology in the field of medication because it has helped us in so many ways and i’m guessing it will help us in so many more ways. I think children should only be allowed to be on a certain amount of technology. I think they should be allowed 30 minuets to 1 hour of time per day. Whether it be watching TV or playing games on an iPad. I think children’s brains need a chance to grow and develop, but if they are always on technology their brains will never be able to accomplish growing or developing. Children should be outside playing with the neighbor kids and being physically active and inclined. Technology is getting worse and worse for children each day. They need to go outside and have fun and play! 

The First Story I Read

I read “The Veldt” by the Saturday Evening Post, 1950. The story is about technological room that comes to life. This family made their whole house out of technology. This house did everything for them, from making food to tying your shoes for you. These parents spoiled their kids to death, literally! The parents gave their kids a super cool room. In their nursery they had screens covering their walls. Whatever the kids thought would go onto the screens. Eventually the kids become too spoiled all heck breaks loose. They start thinking about lions and Africa. The parents start finding random creepy things all in the nursery. This physiologist comes and figures everything out. But then the kids ruin in and you will just have to read it and find out what happens for your self.

I honestly did not like this story very much. It was scary! I also read it at midnight in my dark creepy room so maybe that is why I did not like it very much.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have invested my 4 hours of reading this year pretty good. I have been reading the 3 book of the hunger games. I have been reading all 15 min each day. I have not finished any books yet. Oops haha. I would like to finish the hunger games book soon though. The book is kinda getting boring though. I’m not really into my book yet. I’m still in the beginning of the book, but i’m going to try and start reading at home. It’s kinda hard to read at home because i’m so busy with soccer. I have a game today and I leave straight from school and don’t get home till like 7 or 8 tonight. So I am going to try to read before I go to bed. Anyway I have read some of the book but i’m not into the book yet. In each of the hunger game books there has been a part of the book whether it’s in the beginning, middle or end it has gotten very boring and i wan’t to quit reading it but I haven’t yet. And i will continue to read though this book. My mom said that once I finish the book series my mom and I will watch the movies so i’m excited for that!

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Figurative Language Story

Once upon a time, there was this girl. Her name was Sally. Sally was a nice and super funny girl! She knew so many jokes. Her jokes were as funny as the tv show Americas funniest videos. After she had gotten ready she ran down the stairs, got here breakfast and ran out the door to school. Sally ran next door to her best friends house so she could walk with him to school. Her best friends name was Dave. Dave’s hair was his best quality. Dave was known for his hair by all the kids in Sally and Daves school. Dave’s hair was pure golden locks of perfection. As they were on there walk to school they came across a line of trees next to the sidewalk where they were walking. The trees danced in the wind. They were beautiful trees. The trees glistened in the morning sunlight. When Sally and Dave finally got to school Dave realized he forgot his books.

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

In the future, there will be no flying cars. I also think we will have an idea of teleportation. Cancer will be cured and all of the crazy diseases that we haven’t cured yet will be cured. We will have robots doing everything for us. Like cooking, driving, cleaning and so much more crap. Earth will be ruined! There will be war and pollution in the water and atmosphere. All of the animals will be extinct because all the idiots on this earth killed them. I think that earth is going to be crap in 2095. Humans are going to be the death of this earth and it is going to suck. I will also be a lazy butt and be an old granny. I am going to have like 6 kids so I can have a lot of grandkids. I will live in a huge house and have a pool and have family over all the time. My family will be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and christ centered. My family will be the most important part of my life in 2095. #savetheelephants!

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