The First Story I Read

I read “The Veldt” by the Saturday Evening Post, 1950. The story is about technological room that comes to life. This family made their whole house out of technology. This house did everything for them, from making food to tying your shoes for you. These parents spoiled their kids to death, literally! The parents gave their kids a super cool room. In their nursery they had screens covering their walls. Whatever the kids thought would go onto the screens. Eventually the kids become too spoiled all heck breaks loose. They start thinking about lions and Africa. The parents start finding random creepy things all in the nursery. This physiologist comes and figures everything out. But then the kids ruin in and you will just have to read it and find out what happens for your self.

I honestly did not like this story very much. It was scary! I also read it at midnight in my dark creepy room so maybe that is why I did not like it very much.

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