Today I did a lot of thinking and used a lot of my brain power to figure out some of the questions that needed to be solved. For example, I’ve decided to instead of just healthy foods that foods from around the world would be fun to write about and bring extra character to my characters. I searched up a whole bunch of yummy recipes that I now need to narrow down.

I need to decide if I should do one big story with recipes in it, or a whole bunch of short stories to go with them. Is this more of a story book with yummy recipes, or a yummy cookbook with fun stories? What recipes am I going to write about? Do I do more than one recipe for each country? Where do I find exact recipes? Who would be a good expert? What writing techniques do I need to know? These are some of the questions I have and still need to answer.

I researched a bunch of recipes and even if it feels like I didn’t get much done, my brain powers are exhausted. See ya next time! 🙂




Today I finalized what my actual SIPS project would be. I wrote my SIPS ‘pitch’ and found my questions that I now have to work with.

Next time I have to decide if I want to write a big long story or multiple tiny stories to go with my recipes, and what type of recipies I really want to learn/write about.

See ya later! 🙂

SIPS pitch

I have finally decided on my project! I have decided on combining healthy foods and creative writing to make a healthy cookbook with stories about each one. For example: Perfect Paris Pancakes – and then a story about say… a french girl who created the best pancakes in the world, and became tres riche! – then the actual recipe for the pancakes. I love food! (I am a foodie!) The reason I hadn’t put food up before as one of my options was that last year in Ms. Bushman’s class I did something food related. I guess I told myself that I needed to do something different, but in truth, I think it is so much fun! (and yummy!) 🙂 I hope I can make this something people will want to use, happy to read, and excited to learn about. I sure am!

My three guiding questions are

  1. How can I find/create nutritional recipes to help people want to eat healthy
  2. How can I write titles/stories about my recipes to make them enticing
  3. What do I need to know about story writing/editing/etc.

Right now my expert is my mom. She is really big into healthy foods and healthy lifestyle. She is an amazing cook and is really big into healthy foods. (She is also a foodie!) I will also try to look for another person as well to get me even more input. I also might change from healthy recipes to just classic delicious ones, depending on how much research goes into each recipe, so it doesn’t cut into my writing/editing time. (Or if I just want to do classic recipes… 🙂 )

I am so excited! Thanks for letting us do this! 🙂

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