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September 2018

What Would It Be Like?

Children need a strong and loving attachment to at least one parent in order to grow up normally and to learn about healthy relationships. The quality of persons life has a lot to do with the quality of relationship they… Continue Reading →

He Was Without Imagination

I agree with London. It was his lack of imagination that caused his problems and ultimately his death. From the very beginning he only looked at the tools he had and what traditional use they had. He did not have… Continue Reading →

What’s the Deal with Stories?

Telling stories is part of every culture in the world. Basically stories are information. We use stories to understand and make sense of our world. Understanding is part of being human. But even more than “information” stories are a way… Continue Reading →

The Best Book I Ever Read

I am embarrassed to admit that I’m not a big reader. I have only read a few books. Of all the books I have read Animal Farm is by far my favorite. It was a tricky book at first but… Continue Reading →

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