Deep Thinkers 3.3

Source: The Fire Keeper by J. C. Cervantes, kindle edition chapter 31

Quote: “The written word is power. It can change worlds. I always say, rule with wisdom, not war.”

Context: The main character is talking to the Mayan god of writing, among other things, and discussing his book. The main character is confused because he doesn’t understand why the god is talking to him when the god says this.

This makes me think: I like this passage because some of the most important events in history were changed because of the written word. We wouldn’t even know about the people before us if it weren’t for the accounts people have written. For example the american revolution, and later the constitution, had lots of important writing. people wrote journals that describe much of what we know about the revolution. The federalist papers helped convince people to except the constitution. There are many more examples out there. The written word has the power to change the course of history if only we let it.

What’s the Deal with Stories?

Stories make us better people. We learn to emphasize, and step into another’s diverse point of view. We laugh and cry with the characters in our books. We feel their pain as acutely as our own. Studies have proved that by reading we are using both the left and the right sides of our brain. This is a true sign of intelligence. Stories help us to take a step back and ponder our own life and choices. It shows us the blurring line between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. It shows that we are all just people trying to live a good life and do what is right. They teach, inspire, and motivate. So the question really is what isn’t the deal with stories?


Deep Thinkers 3.2

Source: Aru Shah and the Song of Death by Roshni Chokshi. pg 288

Quote: “Sometimes life isn’t fair-but that doesn’t mean things happen without a reason. We just don’t always know what the reason is. The world is inscrutable. It doesn’t owe you answers. You should only concern yourself with doing your duty.”

Context: Aru Shah is talking to a Hindu fire deity when he says this after a roundabout answer to her question.

This Makes Me Think: As you probably noticed the first deep thinker was from the same book and talked about the same thing. I think that this quote is very true. Most things in life aren’t fair but they do happen for a reason. We just don’t realize it till later in life. But sometimes we don’t realize the reason and like it says the universe doesn’t owe us answers. You just have to move forward hoping that you did the right thing and that it will all work out.


Deep Thinkers 3.1

Source: Aru Shah and the song of death by Roshani Chokshi. pg 246

Quote: “Fairness is like a multifaceted gem. Its appearance can vary, depending on the angle of the beholder.”

Context: This is from a sage and he said this because the entire time he is around the main character she and her friends complain about fairness. Mostly because it is illegal for him to help them. Right before they leave he spouts this quote.

This makes me think: I like this passage because it really is smart and true. Somethings are fair to one person but not to another. Whats funny is that afterwords he tells them to write it down because he just dispensed free wisdom. it really is wisdom and a good thing to keep in mind next time you have an argument. A lot of things in life are just perspective and particularly fairness. You can be going through something hard at times but then look back at it later and think that if you hadn’t done that you would not be where you are today.

The Best Book I Ever Read


Okay now that I’ve got that out of the way. One of my favorite books is the name of this book is secret. It is the first in a series of 5. It is about a girl “named” Cassandra. (it is part of the book) She is kind of, wait scratch that, really weird. she gets a box one day and finds a journal inside. She and a friend, a boy name Max-Ernest, (yes I meant to use a hyphen) start to investigate the owner’s mysterious disaperance. They are really really funny. They are good for any kind of reader though they are unique to say the least.