Deep Thinkers 3.6

Source: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, kindle edition chapter 33

Quote: “The truth is not a downer,” Abraham said in his lightly accented voice. “The lies that you pretend to accept are the true downer.”

Context: The Reckoners (more or less rebels of a sort) are talking about the big battle ahead and planning. Abraham is one of the Reckoners. He says this because as a retort to someone saying that he can be a downer sometimes.

This makes me think: I like this quote because sometimes we tell ourselves things we don’t believe and its not good. We tell ourselves that everything is okay when everything is definitely not okay. That doesn’t work and it never ends well. I think that we just need realize that life isn’t always a fairy tale and that it is okay. We need to realize that as humans we are not perfect and that imperfection isn’t always a bad thing. Our struggles make us stronger.

Deep Thinkers 3.5

Source: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, kindle edition chapter 40

Quote: “Where there are villains, there will be heroes. My father’s voice. Just wait. They will come. Steelheart raised a glowing hand. Sometimes, son, you have to help the heroes along…”

Context: David, the main character, is in the middle of a terrible battle, a struggle between good and evil, freedom and captivity, that will end up with his death or the villains. He is thinking because he can not figure out the villains weakness. He has run out of ideas and options and is sure he is going to die, when this pops into his head.

This makes me think: We seem to depend on hope in life. Don’t get me wrong, hope is a really good thing, but we don’t take action. I like this line because it is a reminder that we have to help miracles and hope along sometimes. Also you can’t divide things into life into heroes and villians, but I believe that if bad things are happening or you are struggling, good things will follow, if nothing other than love, support, and a reminder that you are important.

What I’m Reading

So I have already read a few books and I am almost done with the reading evidence posts. I am currently rereading Steel Heart which is one of my favorites. It is about a kid who lives in a world where some people have super powers but those who do are really terrible and run around killing everyone. The main character, David, is obsessed with the the epics, as they are referred to. He wants to join the Reckoners, a epic-killing resistance fighters group, and convince them to kill the reining epic, Steel Heart. It sounds really bad when I type it up but trust me, it is a really really good series.

My Reading Journey

I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been reading since forever. When I was little my parents read to me Harry Potter and James and the Giant Peach and lots of Dr. Seuss. We have so many picture books and chapter books you can’t count them all. In second grade I remember being so proud of my self for reading a Cam Jansen book in one hour. I distinctly remember one time when I was a little older when I read a book in one hour and my parents freaking out about how fast I read it. I was also really sad when Magic Tree House wasn’t on my reading level anymore. I can name lots of books I read and loved when I was young but let’s skip ahead to fith grade when I read Harry Potter for the first time. I read the entire series in 3 weeks (there was fall break though) I loved it. I also discovered A Series of Unfortunate Events that summer through some circumstances I will not disclose and love it to this day. I love reading! I always have and hope I always will. I just wish young adult books weren’t so mushy.

Book review 3.2

What I read: The Greenglass House by by Kate Milford/400 pg/mystery/5 out of 5 stars

How it Starts: Milo is adopted and everyone knows about it. His parents own a smuggler’s inn in a small I don’t remember the name of. Milo has just begone his winter break.

How it gets complicated: There are almost never guests this time of year so when not one, not two, but five unexpected guests show up Milo starts to panic because he doesn’t like things being out of the ordinary. He decides to investigate, with the help of the cook’s daughter, Why each of these guests decided to come to his inn this time of the year.

What I liked: There is some pretty good descriptions and it has some story inside of a story moments which are fun. It is a really cosy mystery. With plenty of clues and mishaps it is a great read.

What I didn’t like: Milo starts to read a book and sometimes experts of the story make their way in. I just wish that it was the  story or that they weren’t there. I also wish that when the guests started telling stories that there had been more of them told.

Recommendation: For anyone who loves a good mystery and is okay with it being a little slow and meandering.

Book Review 3.1

What I read: Sal and Gabi break the universe by Carlos Hernadez/mythology/400 pg/4 out of 5 stars

How it starts: The first scene is Sal starting at a new school. It is a school for the arts and Sal is a magician.

How it gets complicated: A kid bullies Sal after he offers to open his locker. Right before he gets pummeled to death he says that there is a chicken in his locker. To everyone’s surprise there is an actual non-cooked chicken in the bully’s locker. How it got there? That’s for me to know and you to find out.

What I liked: The langue is amazing is amazing! Carlos is some author. There are metaphors and irony and it really comes to life. It is fiction in a new way. I love how it is a bit of a school story but the magic sprinkled throughout makes it fun. It almost reminds me of one of my other favorites, The Name of This Book is Secret.

What I didn’t like: It sometimes had long sentences in Spanish, it is about a kid with family from Cuba, that were not explained and I don’t speak Spanish. Sometimes it would mention some technical jargon from their world and it took me forever to figure out that it was set in another universe.

Recommendation: A fun read for anyone that speaks Spanish (unlike me) or just likes fiction with subtle magic.