Setting blog post

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My book Michael Vey written by Richard Paul Evans.  It’s set in the 2000’s which means they all had cellphones, but also Terra (Taylor’s twin) would always go shopping in places like Gucci and Prada, things that all moderen day rich people would shop at. That let me know what era they were in.

When Michael was locked in his cell by Hatch, they described it as dark and empty with nothing, but a small bed. I bet when you read that you could get the sad vibe that came with it. If they didn’t describe the setting as that, we might of thought that the cell wasn’t so bad and the whole time we would read that chapter we wouldn’t feel the things the author wanted us to feel.

It’s not just where the book is at, but it is also the weather and colors that follow. When you think of a sunset with bright orange and pink colors, it can bring you piece, but if you think of a dark thunderstorm it usually makes you feel sadder. In Michael Vey when he was in Idaho, he always said that it was cloudy and dark and that his apartment was small. It made me feel like he was bored and unhappy. That’s what setting does for you.

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                          Michael               Taylor                                                                                         Jack                                                Dr Hatch                


For Michael I chose Ross Lynch, because the book described him as a young scrawny kid. Ross is also a very good actor because he can act serious or funny which Michael is like. “ordinary 14-year-old”  “Small for his age, with blond hair and blue eyes.”

For Taylor I picked Nina Dobrev, because Taylor has big brown eyes and brown hair and Nina has both. It also describes Taylor as sweet and loving, but the part Nina played on Vampire Diaries she also was sweet and loving.  “Long brown hair, brown eyes the color of maple syrup.”

For Jack I chose Jensen Ackles, because they described him as tough and has a tattoo. He doesn’t like to follow rules and when I think of those descriptions I think of Jensen. “Muscular, has a tattoo.” “His muscles were popping like grape fruits.”

Lastly for the villain Dr Hatch I chose William Dafoe, because he book described Hatch of being older.  Hatch is also described as being power hungry and greedy, the part that William played in Spider Man reminded me of the same thing. “Hatch looked to be around his forties”

Spring Break Blog Post

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For spring break I am driving up to California with my best friend. She recently moved to California for cheer, so I usually come up to visit her once a month, but normally I can only stay up their for two days, so I’m really excited to be able to spend a whole week up their with her. We are planning to go up to the beach, because last time we didn’t have the chance to be able to go since I was only able to spend two days up their and we spent most of the time at Disney Land. Were also, planning to go to Disney Land. I have an all around pass up their since I go so often now which makes it so much easier, because I don’t have to pay 100 dollars every day. I am able to go up their, because I get to stay at my best friends house which means I don’t have to pay for a hotel. I also, just drive up with her mom so I always have a ride and I don’t have to pay for gas. It makes it really convenient. I’m really excited, because California is like my second home and I hope to live their one day.

Book Blog Post

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I chose the book Michael Vey for my book of this term. It’s a number 1 New York Times Best Seller.

It is targeted for ages 12 and up and the grade level is 7-9.

I chose this book, because when I was younger I wanted to read it so me and my dad bought the book, but we bought number 6 on accident. When I saw it on Mrs Phippens shelf I got excited.

My main character is Michael Vey who started book one as a 14 year old book.


Call to personal adventure

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My ordinary world is pretty simple. I wake up and I go to school, I come home and I either go to swim lessons or I hangout with some friends. That’s how every day usally goes unless I get sick or something like that.

Traveling calls to me, every time I go somewhere new or even old I feel super happy. I am the type of person who will jump at a chance to go somewhere fun. I  love traveling to different states and country’s, but I also love camping.

Something that I feel like has been stopping me is not being able to drive. There’s a lot of things I want to do, but I can’t because my parents are working or just don’t want to drive me. It gets really frustrating when I think of something fun to do and I can’t just because of that one issue.

My parents are of course a big part of my life and help me make a lot of my choices in life, but also it’s my friends. They help me have fun and they help me figure out what I want to do with my life. If I didn’t have any friends I would be bored all the time. We always think of things we want to do when we are able to drive and in high school.

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personal quest prompt

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An experience that has made me feel like more of an adult is, when I went on a cruise to Alaska. When I went their with my cousins and my dad, my dad let us run wherever we want. It made me feel like I was in charge of what I wanted to do. I had passes, so that I could get food whenever I wanted same with fancy drinks. I could go swimming or watch a movie and many more without having to talk to my dad. It was my first taste of adulthood… minus me worrying about money.

The first time I felt like I had to change myself was on New Years. I’m a huge procrastiner, I always put things off and it really catches up to me with school, friends and just taking care of myself. I decided on New Years that my goal would be more motivated. I would try to plan and time things a lot better and just make myself get up. So far, I think I’ve been doing pretty good. It just depends on the day.




After Christmas Review

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My favorite thing I did over the break was hanging out with my best friend Amber. Amber had to move to  California, but she came to Utah over the break, so we hung out most off the break. We went ice skating with a couple of my friends to and then we went to the movie with some of hers. We saw Pitch Perfect three, but we didn’t even really watch it, because, we were running all over the movie theater.

I am reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld , I chose my book, because I had no idea what to read, but I sit right by the white board with a bunch of books and I saw it. I read the back summary and it looked interesting to me. The reading level was grade 7- 9th. I got that information from Amazon.

My new year resolution is to get better at swimming. I want to be on the swim team, but I have kinda been slacking about going to my swimming practice and really trying my best. Hopefully my new goal with motivate me to work as hard as possible.



“me” Poetry writing.

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My favorite poem out of all of the examples were the first one titled “Me” I think it spoke to me more than the other one’s I went and read through. I liked how I could relate to some of the lines, I also liked the rhyming in it. I think it wasn’t like it rhymed every sentence that it had a specific flow and that made me like reading it. Sometimes I catch myself wishing I acted or looked different, but then I remember i’m me. Everything about me is well me and that’s a pretty amazing thing.

End of term blog post

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This term, when I read, I took about 2 weeks to finish my first book Cinder. I didn’t feel rushed at all. Every night before I went to bed I read 5-10 pages as apart of my homework, but it didn’t feel like homework because I love reading and I loved the book I chose. I ended up finishing three of the books in the series and I felt very proud of myself for being so on top of my reading. I wouldn’t change anything for next term rather than maybe taking more time on my blog post, but nothing about my reading.

The easy thing about blog posts in that I could take them home easily and I could write them pretty fast, so that was nice and efficient. The hardest thing for me to grasp was that I had to hit publish for it to actually turn it,  but I think I got it down now. Now it’s all okay. I don’t wish anything was different I think it’s a good way of doing things.

I liked that my book report was nice and had a nice background The thing I wish I did different with my book report is just prepare more for the questions. Rehearse what I say more before I had to present. Like I said if I got to go again I would just prepare better.

Character Blog post

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The main character in my book is Cinder which is the name of the book. Her side kick in the first book has to be IKO which is a robot with a personality chip, but in the second one Cinders side kick is Carswell who she escaped from prison with and running from the queen. The other main character is Scarlet which is the name of the second book and her main side kick is Wolf who is helping her find her grandma. Eventually all of the characters meet up in the second book. The two other main characters are Queen Lavana and the prince who help move the story along.

The static character in these book I would say Iko and Casrswell. Because IKO is a robot so her personality chip doesn’t allow her to really turn against Cinder and shes just a very loyal robot. Carswell is just always the same. Will jump in front of a bullet for Cinder and hes just always making jokes and being sarcastic.

The nemesis in this book is for sure Queen Lavana, because she is the one that is declaring war on Earth, but not only that she is the one trying to kill Cinder and without her the book would have no meaning and be boring. So far there hasn’t been anything where she has been misunderstood. She just is really evil and has a cold heart.



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