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Dear, Mom and Dad

I am currently reading a book called Cinder. It is about a robot who has learned how to survive in a world of humans and not to mention the plague.  I am on chapter 17, page 147.  I think I read about 17 minutes of my reading time, because I really  enjoy my book. I probably read about 5 pages, front and back. To finish this book in 24 days I would have to read about 16 pages a day. My book has 387 pages.

In this class sometimes I struggle with keeping my attention and then I miss valuable information. Which often leads to me asking my neighbor or the teacher. So, I have been trying to pay extra attention and really focus on instructions. I think I am not a distraction in class. I keep my comments to myself and when were supposed to be working I don’t bug my neighbors.

I am attempting to make up my assignments for English during Sail time, because before and after school I am working hard on other F’s. The reason why my grades are terrible is, because I went to Alaska for a week but I am trying hard to get them up.


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