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Everyone has emotions and a mind to have a reaction to things that happen, they either hate what happens or like what happens. See it like this, if your friend is the best that will make you love them more and you guys became better friends for that reason, if you have a friend that is always treating you very low and is very disrespectful towards you that will make you dislike that person that once was a friend. Emotions can be either really good or really bad, but emotions are a good thing to have. we have all experienced a lot of emotions like sadness, happiness, scared, madness but in the end of the day we have to control these emotions.




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Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

What i know about Shakespeare is that he was very skilled and he wrote lots of poems, his word vocab was very large. What i think he did is that he found new words, new words that he added into his poetry to make more meaning, his poetry is really hard to understand

Self assessment

Self assessment can be really good towards the work you do because you can look through your own work and see whats good and whats bad about your work so you can change what is not right. When it comes to self assessment it comes to school and life, teacher sometimes use self assessment and it is when they feel like their students should review their work. When you self assess in real life is you look at the bad things and you change what’s bad, you take the energy ti change whats bothering you, so yes we would definitely use this skill.



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Blind spots

What Atticus is trying to say is that they’re good people but they’re choosing the wrong. The guys that want to lynch Tom Robinson are choosing the wrong because they’re so brainwashed about what other people are saying. What other people are saying is that if a black man says a white person is lying they usually get lynched. People’s blind spots back then were really bad because for the reason of the white’s always having their rule about a white person is always right and you had no chance of winning. Atticus wants to stand up for Tom Robinson because he knows whats going to happen to Tom.

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Real Courage

I like how Atticus says, “instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.” Real courage is when you stand up with something that is going to change people’s perspective. The world loves when people are courageous and stand up for what is right and what has to be done but when you stand against what you rebel against the other side of people’s opinions are going to be hating what you have said or done. Atticus knowing he won’t win he still stands up for what is right and what has to be done in that type of situation, his neighbors were also talking crap on Atticus and that’s why Jem destroyed Mrs.Dubose yard.

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I think that idea is really graceful and heartwarming because back then no matter what the black person was always blamed or was the wrong one in the situation, the whites were always right no matter what. It is worth it to try to prove a point that whites and black can have the same issue. Putting his family and everything he has under the bus for that reason is to much but it shows that he actually cares for the fact that they have racism and it had gotten to a bad point. This tells us that Atticus truly cares about the situation even though he knows they will lose. Atticus seems like he wants to prove a point even though his whole family is gonna get talked crap on just because he was doing the right

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Climbing into another persons skin.

What they really mean by “to climb into another persons skin”  is that to walk in their shoes and see the world in their perspective. Don’t judge until you know the full backstory. how this can help with other people is that people like when people can keep secrets and when they can tell them everything without being judged. As i myself,  i like to see other people perspective’s, i like to see why people do what they do and for what reason. I don’t like to judge people or make fun of people but people tend to do it a lot to me.



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The End is Half way upon us!

I’m really proud on the grades I have this term, i just wish my grade was better in world geography. This term I got really good test scores and i’m proud that I got really good test scores because if i didn’t, it would’ve affected my grades in those classes. What i need to improve on is understanding my world geography homework and work in general. I need to listen closely in class and ask more questions and make sure i know what i’m doing. I have picked out a book but i haven’t gotten around to reading it which I need to.

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Literature review

What I feel like i can improce on my srory is that i need to have more detail and more intertainin. My beginning is boring but it kind of hooks them and they want to keep reading the story. My story can have more action into it and can be better. My word choice needs to be better so it’s more entertaining and it attracts readers. In my story, I can give them backround info slowly through the story so I can hook my reader so they can read more. My punctioation can be way better, i need to know when to insert a comma.

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1% gain

What i can improve on everyday is bringing a book to school and reading everyday. It can help me a lot on my reading and it would be a good habit. I feel like i have to read more often so I can become a better reader and i can improve myself little by little. What i can improve slowly on is understanding what is going on in the story and where it takes place. Understanding what is going on in the book is probably most important. I can better myself in some subjects in math and understand it better.

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