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Tell me about it

Today I am going to the highschool and i’m gonna play soccer with a lot of people. It;s gonna be really fun and i’m going to put in good practice and hopefuly learn new things while I am playing. Hopefully i meet new people I can train with and, paly with. I love soccer and it’s my sport that i love playing and think im good at but I feel like I can get better at it. On Thanksgiving, my family is gonna have a dinner with my cousins and we’re goin to make arabic food too, it’s going to be lots of fun.



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What i’m reading

I’ve been reading in the textbook from class, and there was good stories and bad stories. There was a story about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Both of those stories were reallt interesting and really liked reading about why they were so important in our history and how they matter so much in our history. Rosa Parks was important in our history because she showed black people an example, that they’re all the same and they can also sit in the front of the bus not only white people. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech and lots of people were there when he gave the speech and he helped a lot of black people’s lives. But there’s also really boring stories that i almost slept while reading them.



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Who am i as a reader?

Who am i as a reader? I am a reader who likes action and a lot of conflict and, a backround to the character or the story. I am a slow reader who takes time to read their books and I get bored when i’m reading. I feel like it would chane if i had another book that i would like reading



























The best book i have read

The best book i have read is probably the shadow children series. The whole series is so interesting and every book makes me want to read more and more, it gets more interesting every page I turn. One book got me hooked on all the books, those type of books are my favorite. What the book is about is that the family is only suppose to have two children, and if they have more than two they get killed. The police checked houses and made sure they only had two children. Luke Gardner, the main character, always hid in the basement and he never went outside he stayed in the basement the whole time.

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what kind of writer am i

I like to be a creative in my stories and also i like to have my stories to be funny and for people to laugh. I also like my stories to be adventurous and for the characters to have a background behind their lives either sad or a good life. What i like to relate to is Jurassic park and how it has a good story and a good resolution, it has a lot of action in the story and it ends at a cliff hanger which makes me more excited for the next movie. Lots of gore into a book is satisfying.



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Why do we read Stories

Why do we read stories? The reason we read stories is to expand our knowledge and our word vocabulary. Reading books can also help you see things and picture stuff in your mind. People also read stories as a stress reliever, they are also people who read stories for fun. Many people read stories as their free time or when they’re waiting for something. We read stories to figure out what happened to a character, that’s why we read lots of books in a series. We also read stories because they seem really interesting and we want to keep reading and reading books in the series or books that’re similar.

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How i felt about the first story

What i felt about the first story that it was very confusing. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, it seemed like something not in earth because it was talking about space being searched by “meat”. They were also talking about meat flapping to make sounds into a radio. They were also asking questions about how can meat make machines and it’s got me asking the same question. They made it really hard to understand the story which was really cool because they made you put more though into your reading, if you just read through it fast you wouldn’t get what you were reading.Image result for meat

What i look for in a good character

What I look for in a good character is that he’s good at making action. Making action is an important thing because its very boring if it was really plain and had no action in the story. A good character is also suppose to have a background to his life, it can be a good background or a sad background. If a character is brave and will risk everything to do something is heartwarming and it hypes me up even more. When characters in a story take their lives to save someone from dying is also what i like in a character, sacrifice is really sweet of someone to do.

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