How I Did During First Term

I did alright to start off the 9th grade year and I was pretty happy with myself. I understood most of the concepts I was given and completed all my work. One thing that I struggled with was the blog. Sometimes I got lazy and didn’t want to comment on other peoples posts and at the end that hurt my grade just a little. I ended with a b+ and to start off the year I felt like that was pretty good for me because English has always been one of the classes that I don’t do so well in. My goal for this English class this term is do be better at commenting and doing the correct posts so at the end of the term I want to have the correct number of comments and maybe a little more. And my overall goal is to have straight A’s in the 2nd term.

The Power of Words.

Today I am going to discuss what words authors use to make us feel a certain way when we read. One way authors could make us sad in a book is using words that are depressing so it makes us feel as if we were in the book and having to deal with that is going on in the book. Maybe if it is a book with pictures they could put in a lot of detail and color to make us feel happy inside. Using words can really change your mood in the right way so you will enjoy it.

Why do we read stories?

Sometimes I Wonder why we read stories. But I thought about some of the stuff that we have learned or gained from stories. They’re are some stories in pictographs that Indian’s have left for us and it really tells us what life was like and how they talked to each other have fun with each other. Stories are great for today teaching little children because it stories, it makes you picture an image in your mind and really help you relate your own life to the story. So after I thought about it, stories can help people in many different ways even if you didn’t know.

What kind of writer am I.

Sometimes I Wonder what kind of writer I am. So something I did was that I thought of the things that make me a good writer and some things that I probably need to set a goal and work on. One thing is that when I am given a little information, i can talk about that one topic for a while. I also am able to tie in other ideas and to the topic to give it more detail and make it longer so the reader can keep interest. But I have a hard time writing about something that is not in my interest. So One thing that I probably need to set a goal and work on is writing about things that aren’t related to sports. When I write about sports I usually fill the time really well but when it comes to writing about something like whats going on in today’s world, its really hard for me to stay focused. Those are just some ideas that I had about me type of writing and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

How I Felt About the First Short Story

The first short story I read was called “They are made out of meat” and it was very interesting, it talked about how aliens think and talk about us humans. The aliens called humans “meat” and would say something like, they use machines to talk but do it with meat. So in order to understand this short story good, you need to realize that its in an aliens perspective and anytime they talk about meat, they are talking about humans. The first short story I read was a little hard to understand but  once you know what they are talking about it gets a little interesting.