Objective Review

My story was one that I would usually enjoy. This story was about 2 friends Cole Anthony and R.J Barrett from LA, California and they were both really good at basketball. They had been invited to a tournament in Lithuania that only the best players are going to. They plan on winning the championship. But during one of the games something tragic happens to Cole and he’s not able to play the rest of the tournament so it is up to R.J so see if he can do it without his buddy Cole. Can R.J do it or will he fall short?

1% Gain

I think that I struggle the most in this class, English. I have a hard time focusing on the things that are taught and when I do the work I never do anything extra, only the things that are expected. I could do a much better job at bringing a book. Reading has always been hard because I don’t find it interesting and in order for me to like a book it needs to be about sports. I think if that I just tell myself that I need to do better and focus on it then I will be able to do it.

Tell Me About It

Something that his going on in my life right now is that basketball season just started. I am really excited, I can’t wait for the season to start. I have been invited to play on the high school team so it should be a really cool experience. The season starts the week after Thanksgiving Break and from then till March, its going to be a lot of fun and I can’t just wait to start playing games. We having been working really hard since the summer so I can’t wait to watch all the work pay off and starting having some fun. 

What I’m reading

Lately I haven’t been bringing a book from home or the library so I have been having to read out of the textbook and it’s not as entertaining as reading a book out of my choice but they are alright. They have some decent stories about very incredible people that have lived in the past and will explain their story and some things they did that influenced and changed the world. The book that I will bring is about how you can improve your mindset in sport situations to help you preform better. That is what I’ve been reading so far threw the school year.

Who Am I As a Reader

Who am I as a reader? I have a hard time enjoying books and keeping my focus for such a long time. I can only enjoy books if it’s about something I like for example, I can really be interested in a book that talks about sports but when it comes to a fantasy books and stuff it is really hard for me to focus. One thing that helps me focus is imagine that I’m in the position of the main character and I would try to get out of the problem they’re in. I think I have to really focus to be interested in a book that might not really catch my attention at first.