Climbing into another person’s skin

He means that we need to see things from different people’s point of view. We can’t always be thinking about ourselves and what we want to do to make our lives better. We really need to know what is happening in other people’s lives and support them before you go off and start judging them.  It would help getting along with different people because, if you talk to someone that always gets judged or is from another place than you, if you climb into there skin and understand what they are dealing with you can form a relationship with them. More people need to stop thinking about themselves and climb into other people’s skin.

Belief and Actions

Our belief and actions are a big part of who someone is. But sometimes people don’t know the their beliefs and how they shape who they really are. Sometimes peoples actions will really tell who they are when an important stage or decision falls upon them, they will turn towards their beliefs and actions sometimes it will help them get through it but sometimes if they aren’t familiar with the situation, their actions and beliefs will make it so they don’t get through it and will hurt them in the long run. So people need to know that their beliefs are and what there actions are so they know what they are getting into.