I think that they should keep teaching Shakespeare. Because its like its a tradition to teach it. Many people say it is confusing and difficult to read but that could also make you a better reader. And even though it is from a long time ago, it still talks about insecurities and emotions that teenagers struggle with today. It teaches us to look through a window and not a mirror when we reflect on life and to try new things. Those are just some reason that I think they should keep teaching Shakespeare in modern day. 

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespear

Shakespeare is a writer that I haven’t read much of but, I hear that he is a great writer but very hard to get used to and understand. He has many plays that many people have enjoyed. I also have a hard time reading his stuff because he was born a long time ago so some of the words he writes are hard to understand and we don’t use in today’s world. I am glad that Mr. Green is giving us the opportunity to read Shakespeare because it will help us learn a lot about literature and how we can improve our writing skills.