I am a big kid now

I feel like I have grown this year. I finally read more than 2 books and did activities when reading them to help me understand it better. I have grown as a person and I kind of care a little more about my grammar so I can sound like I am smart. I have accomplished to read Romeo and Juliet and I am proud about that because I know that is not the easiest thing to do. I want to get better at reading and enjoy it more. I am different because I am 15 years old now.

Love Moderatley

The advice that Friar Lawrence gives to romeo i think is great advice. Loving moderately is good because you still need to care for others around you and not just care for her. Yes you need to love your wife a lot but also admire others around you.  I think Romeo and Juliet will take this advice because Friar Lawrence was a big part in this marriage so romeo will take the advice so it will be a good marriage. They won’t have to do much just relax and it will be moderate.


To be honest I don’t really hate anybody strongly at this school and so far in my life. There are people that annoy me but I don’t hate them because they aren’t really that important to me and I am not going to let them ruin me by them annoying me. Types of people that bug me are the ones that try and get attention and just aren’t nice to people for no reason. Maybe one day when I am older and associate with a lot more people then I do right now hate might grow but for right now I don’t have any good reason to strongly hate someone.