Today was a very productive day! I was able to find a website that I can add locations to. I started to add some cool places that I had already found before hand that I wanted to go to. In addition to that I also looked up some amazing sites that would be cool to visit. I researched a bit on if some of the places were accessible or not.

I think that next I should go more in depth on my research about these places. Also I need to find some articles and podcasts that correspond to the site so the traveler can learn cool and interesting things before they reach the location. I also think that it would be super awesome to look into ghost hunting materials and tools that people use. I want to understand how they work so I know how they detect ghosts. This is honestly so fun to work on!

SIPS Pitch

I have decided that I want to base my project off of three things I love. Traveling/road trips, scary paranormal things, and photography.

My three questions are:

  1. Is all of the information true?
  2. What makes paranormal experiences interesting?
  3. Are things actually paranormal or is it just a dream?

I want to create a road trip across the united states that visits tons of paranormal and creepy historical places. When I finish my project I intend to go through with it and travel along my route. Not only that, I am planning on linking podcasts and informational videos to the sites in order to educate the person traveling so they know the history behind it before getting there. My project will serve someone because they wont have to go through the trouble of trying to find cool places to go to, because it will already be laid out in front of them. My project will inspire others by introducing them to a new topic that they may not have thought they would be interested in. My project will educate others by informing them of the history of the place they are going to.

I would like to meet up with an expert who knows a lot of things about ghosts. I don’t exactly know where to find that certain person yet… but lots of research will be put in to finding the right person. I bet I will find someone groups online who know a lot about my topic.

I cant wait to start and I hope it turns out great!

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