I chose this project because I love the paranormal. I wanted to introduce myself to a group of people that was into in the same thing I was. Not only that but I wanted to inspire people to research what they love but also to take interest in my passion.

My project will benefit those who think that scary things are cool just like me. I really just wanted to provide something that had all these cool places put together, just to save the annoyance of having to look up all the locations separately because that super irritating.

Almost all of my work took place in class. This includes my map, my presentation, and also most of my research. Although lots of the locations I got were found in my own time at home.

I asked multiple people if there was any locations that they had already been to that was really spooky that I could add to my map. I got a few places, but when I researched them, nothing really interested me.

My biggest roadblock was finding different sites. Don’t get me wrong, there was A LOT. It was just the key factors such as, Is it accessible?, Does it have history?, Are the spooky stories interesting or are they stupid?, that eliminated a lot of the places I found. I did my best to find locations and I took a lot of time just sifting through the ones I had found. But in the end I got a perfectly respectable amount of places.

My biggest success was either what I researched or when I presented. I learned so much because of this project not only about history but also about little cool things I came upon. I felt really good when I presented in front of the auditorium of people. I was nervous but it turned out really well and I got good feedback.

One thing that I learned is that taking time out of your day to learn about something you like is really healthy. It relaxes you and takes away stress while also feeding you information to keep you thinking. This experience was most certainly worth my time and I really enjoyed it. As this project relates to English… I’m not exactly sure if anything was directly helping me with that subject… If anything, I was able to speak in front of a whole audience and I felt perfectly fine. So public speaking was a major part of it and that contributed to my life skills so much.

I was able to attend the SIPS showcase along with my mother and my younger brother. They both really enjoyed being there, as did I. I loved showing people what I was interested in and I was amazed when I saw other projects people had made. The environment had such a friendly atmosphere to it because everyone was so engulfed in their research and was thrilled when they got to tell you about it. I fully plan on continuing my research and I am so happy to be a part of that experience.


Ah… Today is the last day… I’m sad yet so excited at the same time! Today I just really brainstormed what I would do when presenting. I also am pretty sure I am going to print off my map! I still haven’t decided if I will put it on a poster board or not but I guess well see. I continued my studying just to be able to better understand the paranormal as well.

I have really liked that I have been able to research something that I really care about. Most of the time, school is dull and tedious because I am not interested in the material. Because of this, I have been able to enjoy school more.

If I could give advice to next years students, I would say to not waste the time you are given because that would be stupid. You finally have the opportunity to learn about something that you don’t hate so use it wisely. Planning out what you want to do, sort of like a vague plan, just so you know how much you need to finish every day.



Today I decided that I wanted more sites on my map since it was looking a bit bare. I looked up more haunted places and their history then added the cooler ones. 🙂 And guess what!? I finished my presentation!! Yay!  It looks so good and i’m excited to show others!

All that is left for me to do is print out my map and put it on a poster board or something rather. After that, i’m set! I just hope that people will like what I do!


Today I learned more of the history contained in the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. If there is one thing that interests me besides paranormal occurrences, it’s old architecture. I have fallen in love with this building and I cannot wait to visit it.

I know that i’ll be able to finish by May 8th because I am about finished with both my map and my presentation. I wonder how many people will be interested with my map..? Maybe I should print off copies of my map so other people can go on my route. That would be fun.

If anything, i’m hoping that people will be inspired by my project and begin to love the paranormal just as much as me. If I get that far I don’t doubt that I will have served someone. 🙂


Today I continued working on my presentation. I added in a few locations to my presentation and gave the history behind it. It looks really good so far, and it will look better when I am done.

The next step is to finish off and clean up the presentation. It probably won’t take very long which is good. I might add more locations to the map as well and clean it up.

I believe I am almost finished and I am excited to show people what I’ve accomplished!

I just read Toby Reids post. It was really interesting and I loved reading about his process!


I am getting more excited about this as I go along!!!!!!!! My research has been going really well and I’ve learned so much about my topic. My map looks absolutely fabulous at the moment as well. I have continued making the slide show that I mentioned last time. I added some humor to it as well and I am very proud of myself. I think I could finish it next time.

I have been having trouble with finding enough of the best locations…. Like I know there is a lot, but sadly, they are not all specifically contained within the USA. BUT I still have found some pretty good ones. I think that if I really dug deep I could find some more but that will probably take a while…

My next step is too add more to my presentation and possibly explain the history behind some of the locations, if not all of them. I also am thinking of printing off my map and having a physical copy of it. (it might make things easier)

Stay tuned for next time!


Sips #3

Today I have researched more about ghost hunting and other things, such as communicating with the dead. Ouija boards and mediums were high up there. I really find these things so facinating.

Next I want to focus on creating a presentation to show what I’ve been working on. I think that is very important because it will make it so people actually understand what I am doing.

Today I didn’t feel like I was that productive because I was not adding anything physical to my project. I did take in a lot of knowledge and I will address it in my unmade presentation but today felt slow. I am making good progress regardless. I am even more excited for next time though so I can make my project better!


Today I read more about the locations that I have added to my map. I don’t really know how to add podcasts to the sites which is frustrating… I wonder if I should just put the links on a google doc and then put the link to my map in as well… At this point i’m not sure what i’m going to do but I will figure something out. On the other hand, I found new places to add from researching the warren’s occult museum. I still intend to look into the ghost hunting materials and tools. I would also love to contact an expert on this subject but I might not end up doing that.

I think that next I should really think about how I am going to present my project to others. Today was a good day although I do think I could have done more then just reading. (even though it was super interesting) Such as adding the websites I looked at to a list. But of course I can do that next time.


Today was a very productive day! I was able to find a website that I can add locations to. I started to add some cool places that I had already found before hand that I wanted to go to. In addition to that I also looked up some amazing sites that would be cool to visit. I researched a bit on if some of the places were accessible or not.

I think that next I should go more in depth on my research about these places. Also I need to find some articles and podcasts that correspond to the site so the traveler can learn cool and interesting things before they reach the location. I also think that it would be super awesome to look into ghost hunting materials and tools that people use. I want to understand how they work so I know how they detect ghosts. This is honestly so fun to work on!

SIPS Pitch

I have decided that I want to base my project off of three things I love. Traveling/road trips, scary paranormal things, and photography.

My three questions are:

  1. Is all of the information true?
  2. What makes paranormal experiences interesting?
  3. Are things actually paranormal or is it just a dream?

I want to create a road trip across the united states that visits tons of paranormal and creepy historical places. When I finish my project I intend to go through with it and travel along my route. Not only that, I am planning on linking podcasts and informational videos to the sites in order to educate the person traveling so they know the history behind it before getting there. My project will serve someone because they wont have to go through the trouble of trying to find cool places to go to, because it will already be laid out in front of them. My project will inspire others by introducing them to a new topic that they may not have thought they would be interested in. My project will educate others by informing them of the history of the place they are going to.

I would like to meet up with an expert who knows a lot of things about ghosts. I don’t exactly know where to find that certain person yet… but lots of research will be put in to finding the right person. I bet I will find someone groups online who know a lot about my topic.

I cant wait to start and I hope it turns out great!

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