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I would cast Nicholas Cage as Dave Riley. In the  book, “The Other Side of the Bridge” by Camron Wright,  it says, “…and what did he have to show for it? More gray hair.” Nicholas Cage is starting to gray like Dave.  The book also says, “Your’re turning forty-your’re worried!” Nicholas Cage is older than 40 and he is starting to get wrinkles which would make him look older and make him perfect for the role. Also. the book says,”Stubble showed on his face.” Cage has some stubble on his face so he his the perfect actor for Dave Riley.

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I would cast Andie Macdowell as Megan Riley, Dave’s wife. Andie has curling hair just like Megan. The book says, “…wispy hair curled across her shoulders…” and so Andie has the perfect hair. The book also says, “to point out the wrinkles now showing at the corners of her eyes.” Andie is getting older and so she is also developing wrinkles by the corners of her eyes. Andie has nice slender eyebrows just like Megan. The book says, “…slender eyebrows balanced over a freckled nose.” Andie fits the description of Megan really well.

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I would cast Danny Trejo as death. He has played scary roles and this would be perfect for him. In the book, it says “The boulder slammed onto the road so suddenly that Dave just caught a glimpse before it smashed into the front passenger’s side tire.” Also, the book says, “He now wished for death to snuff out his life as well.” The book also said, “…he cowered along the wall to the waiting darkness of the hall, where he began to drink…drink and forget.” Death is the villain and Danny does look creepy so he would be a perfect fit for the role.

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I would have Bryan Cranston play the role of Redd the mechanic. In the book, it says, “…was a large, older man…” Bryan is older and he looks like a mechanic. Also the book says, “He smiled behind a grey handlebar mustache…” Bryan has a mustache in the picture. The book also says, “…with a round face…” Bryan has a round face and so he’s perfect for Redd.

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