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My book is The Other Side of the Bridge by Camron Wright. It takes place in San Francisco, California for Katie Connelly and for David Riley lives in Jamesburg, New Jersey. It takes place in the 21st century in the year of 2012.

David lives in New Jersey with his family. On a sunny day, Dave and his family was going on a ride and then out of nowhere a boulder slammed into their car. In the book it says, “The boulder slammed onto the road so suddenly…” The author was probably trying to make you feel like nothing bad was going to happen and then it did. When David decided to drive across the country to the Golden State Bridge, the weather was pretty good on the way there. The book says, “…storm stayed distant, as if it understood that the determined man on the motorcycle needed to get past and get on his way.” The weather was acting like it needs to be good so David can get to the bridge by the 4th of July.

Katie was happily engaged and so she decided not to go visit her fiance one weekend and instead go and study for graduation. On the day she was going to study, a water pipe broke in part of the campus that she was going to. Then, she decided to go visit her fiance and caught him sleeping with another lady. Without the water pipe breaking, she would never catch her fiance doing that and she would probably be married to him. The setting had a big effect on her life. Katie said in the book, “I’m fascinated by circumstance-the way insignificant events catapult our lives into strange directions.


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I would cast Nicholas Cage as Dave Riley. In the  book, “The Other Side of the Bridge” by Camron Wright,  it says, “…and what did he have to show for it? More gray hair.” Nicholas Cage is starting to gray like Dave.  The book also says, “Your’re turning forty-your’re worried!” Nicholas Cage is older than 40 and he is starting to get wrinkles which would make him look older and make him perfect for the role. Also. the book says,”Stubble showed on his face.” Cage has some stubble on his face so he his the perfect actor for Dave Riley.

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I would cast Andie Macdowell as Megan Riley, Dave’s wife. Andie has curling hair just like Megan. The book says, “…wispy hair curled across her shoulders…” and so Andie has the perfect hair. The book also says, “to point out the wrinkles now showing at the corners of her eyes.” Andie is getting older and so she is also developing wrinkles by the corners of her eyes. Andie has nice slender eyebrows just like Megan. The book says, “…slender eyebrows balanced over a freckled nose.” Andie fits the description of Megan really well.

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I would cast Danny Trejo as death. He has played scary roles and this would be perfect for him. In the book, it says “The boulder slammed onto the road so suddenly that Dave just caught a glimpse before it smashed into the front passenger’s side tire.” Also, the book says, “He now wished for death to snuff out his life as well.” The book also said, “…he cowered along the wall to the waiting darkness of the hall, where he began to drink…drink and forget.” Death is the villain and Danny does look creepy so he would be a perfect fit for the role.

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I would have Bryan Cranston play the role of Redd the mechanic. In the book, it says, “…was a large, older man…” Bryan is older and he looks like a mechanic. Also the book says, “He smiled behind a grey handlebar mustache…” Bryan has a mustache in the picture. The book also says, “…with a round face…” Bryan has a round face and so he’s perfect for Redd.

Spring Break

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For spring break, I’m going to go hiking if it’s warm weather. Every morning, my mom, my brother, and I are going on a different hike for the whole week. We love to go hiking and we want to try to go every morning during summer. I won’t get to sleep in because we’ll start hiking about 8 in the morning. We are staying at our house because we are saving up to go to Texas when my brother gets home from his mission. I’m going to hang out with my friends. I like to hang out with them and spring break would be the perfect time.

I will have a volleyball tournament on April 7th and I think it’s in Ogden. It’s really fun to spend a day with my teammates and getting to play volleyball. I want to go to the movies. I don’t know what movie I would see. I would love to go to some type of an amusement park. I’m going to play basketball on the court in our backyard. If it’s warm weather I’m going to get ice cream, probably with my family. I’m going to make my spring break fun with my family and friends.

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Term 4 Book Report

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I chose The Other Side of the Bridge by Camron Wright. I picked it because I’ve heard people really like his books and it looked interesting to me. I didn’t plan on choosing this book but when I got to the store and saw it, it grabbed my attention.

I looked on Amazon and other websites and I couldn’t find the reading level. I think this is a great book for 14-30 year olds especially girls. This book is a great range of age and could be good for anyone and even boys might like it.

He got a Readers Choice Award for his book, Letters for Emily. The Rent Collecto won Best Novel of the Year. He is well known in Utah because he was born in Salt Lake, Utah and now he lives south of Salt Lake.

Call to Adventure

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My regular life is pretty simple. I wake up and go to school. My favorite class is probably French. When I get home, I might hang with friends, do homework, or go to volleyball practice. In my free time, I might watch TV or read. I love to play instruments, hike, and play sports.

My call to adventure is choir. I had to take a music class in 7th grade. I’m not a big fan of singing in front of anyone and I didn’t really want to take it. I really had a lot of fun in that class and I’m still doing choir.

I was very shy in 7th and it worried me that I wouldn’t have any friends. My parents didn’t really want me to take band or orchestra so I had to take choir. I finally agreed to take choir and ended up getting my best friend in it.

My mentor was probably Mr. Manning, my choir teacher. He helped me have a great time in that class. He taught me to love to sing and I’m grateful for that. My grandpa also helped me. He loves to sing and goes around and sing for people. He helped encouraged my brother and I to try music.Image result for kids singing cartoon

Personal Quest

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What did my parents push me to do and I’m now glad that they did it? First, I didn’t want to do any type of sports. I was very shy and I didn’t want to be on a team. They encouraged me and signed my up for different sports at the rec center. I was very scared and I never liked Saturdays because there was always some type of game going on that day. Now, I love to play sports especially volleyball and I’m very grateful for my parents who pushed me to do something I didn’t want to do.

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How did I help someone? How did someone help me? My grandma does this big thing where she collects things and gives them to the House of Hope, where abused mothers and children can go to a safe house. I helped her by making puppets for the children because they don’t have many toys. I felt happy that I can help someone in need. Second, I hate to clean my room and I always have a messy room. When I decided to clean my room, my mom came in and helped me. I really appreciated that and I’m very grateful for her.

Term 3

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I spent the Christmas break at home. On Christmas, I woke up after 8 and went and opened presents with my brother and parents. After, my cousin and my grandparents came over and my brother called. He’s on a mission and it was his first Christmas away. We went to the grandparents after and said goodbye to my grandparents because they’re going to be snowbirds for the summer. I hanged out with friends the next week and we went and watched a movie.


I decided to read Divergent for the term 3 book report. I chose this book because the book I wanted to read didn’t reach all the requirements and I needed a book and I saw Divergent on my bookshelf and saw that it fit all the requirements and so I decided to read it. Veronica Roth wrote Divergent. The book is for 6th-12th grade girls. I found it out on Amazon.

For the new year, I decided to make my goal to be more organized. In school and at home. I need to have a more organized binder and then I always know where my papers are and know if I have homework or not. My room also needs to be more organized because in the morning I’m rushing around trying to find things and I can’t because I don’t keep anything in one spot.

Poem Connections

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I liked the poem, “The Anthem of Awesome” by Sekou Andrews. I liked it because it says that I’m beautiful no matter what and that I can’t judge myself of my looks and that there is always something to be happy about. It’s like me because I’m not always perfect and that I can get mad, but I should always see the good and not the bad in it.


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This picture is like me because flowers aren’t perfect. Each petal is different than the next and we still think they’re perfection. I’m not always perfect and I’m made up of all these different petals. Every mistake I make will not define me, it depends on what I do after the mistake.


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This term, when I read, I took a while to read because I didn’t really like the book. It took me most of the term to finish it. I did feel rushed because I left it to the last minute. I should have read every day. For the next term, I’m going to read every day and I’ll find a book that I will enjoy to read.

It was nice to write blog posts on my book because I had read the book and I knew what to write about. It was hard, when we had to write a post every week because sometimes it was to fast for me. I wish we didn’t have to write a blog post every week. I felt rushed when writing and I wanted more time to work on it.

I liked how we got to chose what project we did. I wish I had done it on the extra credit day because I wanted to get it over with. I would change the book I reported on because I didn’t like my book. I thought my book was boring and so I didn’t enjoy doing my book report.

If I could start the term over, I would focus more on my homework. I left everything to the last minute and I wished I took more time on it. I am happy that term 1 is over with because we are even closer to the end of the school year. I really want school to be over with.


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In my book, Heartless, a big symbol is the Joker’s hat. It symbolizes magic because the hat holds many items inside. In the beginning, he was pulling out a watch. Then, Catherine pulled out the Vorpal Sword. It also holds many other items. The hat was made by the Mad Hatter and he loves to make magical hats.

The cover of the book has the Queen of Hearts crown, there is also a sword, and there is vines covering the rest of the front cover. The reason behind the crown, is that everyone expects Catherine to marry the King of Hearts. There is also a sword because when she went to a play they were attacked by a Jabberwock. She pulled a sword out of the Joker’s hat and that sword is the Vorpal Sword.  There are many stories about the Vorpal Sword, once there was a king who killed a Jabberwock with the sword. I don’t understand why there are any vines. I wouldn’t change the front cover because I think it fits after reading the story.

I think the theme of the book is her destiny. Everyone thinks she needs to be the queen and all ladylike, but she wants to marry the Joker and be a baker. She fights herself everyday, wondering what choice she wants to make on being queen or a baker. There is a little of love and loss because she loves the Joker, but in the end she loses him.

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