The Good Stuff

I have so much to be grateful for in my life. The two biggest things that I’m grateful for are the people in my life and the opportunities in my life. First of all, I have so many incredible people in my life. I am grateful for my family. My family does so much for me and they are the most fun and funny people that I know. I always have so much fun when I’m with my family. Another group of people that I am grateful for is my friends. I have the most amazing friends ever and I love being around them. I’m also grateful for my teachers, leaders, and all other people in my life. The people that I am able to be around are what makes my life fun and interesting. Along with the people in my life, I am also grateful for opportunity. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to dance and to go to school. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to practice my religion freely, and that I’m able to travel and do the things I love. Those are some of the many things I am grateful for.

2 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I totally agree I am also so grateful for my supportive family this was such a good post I could relate to it a lot!

  2. I think that those are awesome things to be grateful for. I love those things too! Friends are so fun and I love them. Also water is pretty great and it’s really a blessing and I love it. And i fully agree with you with dance it’s the best.

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