The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story that I liked the most is Harrison Burgeron. Harrison Burgeron is about a dystopian society in the future that wants everyone to be equal. If people are talented or special in any way, the government finds a way to destroy that. For example, they make really strong people wear weights all the time, and beautiful people have to wear ugly masks all the time. I really liked this story because as I was reading it I thought that it was absolutely insane to have a society like this, and then I realized that the story is about our society, it’s just a really exaggerated representation of people now days. It made me realize that people now days often make fun of people who are exceptional because they are jealous and want to be like them. This was a big realization for me, and helps me not do that because I’m aware of where that jealous criticism comes from and that it’s pointless and rude.

One thought on “The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

  1. Ya the world does that a lot and its pretty stupid. I think that everyone should be able to show their talents because it’s their strengths. You explained this really well.

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