What Went Wrong?

In the past, things were very, very unequal for people with black skin, compared to people with white skin. I believe that the biggest reason for this is because of the attitude of the white people. Naturally people like to be superior to others, no one wants to be the worst at something. So I believe that the white people used skin color as a way to think there better than other people. Acting superior to the blacks also gave them someone to blame when they’re in the wrong. The whites treated black people so bad that for many people it just stuck in their head that that is how things should be. If you are repetitively told something from a young age, you will eventually believe it. So, for most white people back then, they were raised being taught that they are better than the blacks, so once they were older, they believed that to be true. While, the black people at this time were continually told by whites how awful they are, so they probably began to believe and accept this too. I think that was the biggest problem.

2 thoughts on “What Went Wrong?

  1. This is so true, kids at a young age were taught that black people were evil. I wonder what kind of people were taught the opposite. Good post!

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