Getting to Know My Inner Voice

As we have been focusing on our inner voice and what it’s like, I have realized a lot of things about my inner voice that I didn’t know before. The first thing that I realized is that my inner voice is talking a lot more than I thought it was. My inner voice is constantly saying something, and often times it has more than one thought or conversation going on at one time. Another thing that I realized is that I have a very positive inner voice. I’m usually thinking about good things, and in bad situations my inner voice stays positive and thinking about how to improve the situation, rather that how bad it is. My inner voice is mostly helpful, but at times it can be distracting. Every once in a while while we were reading as a class, I would realize that I had been thinking about random things that were not relevant to the book at all. Once I would realize it, I would go back to thinking about the book, but the problem was, I never realized I was side tracked until a little while of being distracted. I’m glad we learned about our inner voice, because it has been helpful to me to think about, and it has helped me better understand my reading.


4 thoughts on “Getting to Know My Inner Voice

  1. I didn’t realize how often I really pay attention to my inner voice. I think having it often influences how I feel though as, if my inner voice is positive I usually have a better outlook on whatever I am reading.

  2. That’s good that your inner voice is most often positive. Sometimes my inner voice is negative and it really sucks sometimes because then after you feel kinda deflated.

  3. I always knew I had an inner voice, but I feel like this experience helped me control it even more because I am trying to notice it even more.

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