About Me

Hello! My name is Adyson Pratt, but I go by Addy. I am 14 years old and I am a Freshman at Pleasant Grove Junior High. In my family I have a mom, a dad, a younger sister, an older brother, and a dog. I absolutely love spending time with my family. My favorite things to do with them are go camping, hiking, ride four wheelers, and do basically anything outdoors.  We go camping in our trailer all the time, but we also go backpacking a lot and I really like doing both! Along with spending time with my family, I also love to hang out with my friends. I always have so much fun when I’m with them. I am a very social person, I love talking to people and being around people, and I hate being alone. I also love meeting new people. Another thing I love to do is dance. I dance at The Dance Club in Orem, Utah. I spend a lot of my time dancing. For me dance is an outlet in life and a way to find joy. I also love to travel. I travel a lot for dance and also just for vacations. My favorite trip I have been on is when I went to Costa Rica. It was so much fun! Two places that I would love to go to are Iceland and Samoa. My favorite food is salad. My favorite color is teal. My favorite candy is Berry Skittles. That’s all about me!