Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

It think that climbing into another persons skin and walking around in it is a very important concept. When you try to understand people and see things from their perspective, it really helps you understand where they’re coming from and why they do certain things. I vividly remember the moment when I started to understand this concept. I was in elementary school and there was thins guy who was not nice to me. I was complaining to my dad about it and telling him how mean this guy was, and how I didn’t like him very much, and everything. My dad stopped me and said something along the lines of, Addy you don’t know what his home life is like. He asked me if I knew everything that kid was going through. My dad told me to always be nice to everyone no matter what, because you never know what people are going through. I tried to be as nice as possible to that kid. Later in the year I found out that his mom had been battling cancer for a while, and she was not doing too good. After that I realized that when faced with a certain person or situation, kindness is always the way to go. You never ever regret being nice to someone, so you mine as well be nice to everyone. When we try to understand what people are going through, and walk around in their skin, it usually helps us understand them better and be kinder twords them.

Where I’m From

My family is definitely a Pleasant Grove family. Tracing back through my moms family, they have lived in Pleasant Grove as far as I remember.  My moms grandparents, so my great-grandparents, started a farm in Pleasant Grove a long time ago. They raised their family there. So, my grandpa on my moms side has lived in Pleasant Grove his whole life. The farm was then passed down to my grandpa, who raised his family on that farm. After that, my grandpa actually sold the farm, but that didn’t stop my family from living in Pleasant Grove. My mom has three siblings, and her and all of her siblings still live in Pleasant Grove with their families. As for the farm, it was sold to who is now my absolute best friends grandpa. My best friends family built a house on the farm, and another really close friend of mine (who is my best friends cousin) just also built a house on the farm. So, I spend almost every weekend on that farm that my mom and grandpa were raised on. It’s kind of crazy that the place that was my moms home is now my second home. So, my family hasn’t really moved around much haha, in fact my mom has been in the same ward her whole entire life. That is how little she has moved. I plan to stay and raise my children in Pleasant Grove if at all possible.

Getting to Know My Inner Voice

As we have been focusing on our inner voice and what it’s like, I have realized a lot of things about my inner voice that I didn’t know before. The first thing that I realized is that my inner voice is talking a lot more than I thought it was. My inner voice is constantly saying something, and often times it has more than one thought or conversation going on at one time. Another thing that I realized is that I have a very positive inner voice. I’m usually thinking about good things, and in bad situations my inner voice stays positive and thinking about how to improve the situation, rather that how bad it is. My inner voice is mostly helpful, but at times it can be distracting. Every once in a while while we were reading as a class, I would realize that I had been thinking about random things that were not relevant to the book at all. Once I would realize it, I would go back to thinking about the book, but the problem was, I never realized I was side tracked until a little while of being distracted. I’m glad we learned about our inner voice, because it has been helpful to me to think about, and it has helped me better understand my reading.


What Would I Miss Most?

After learning a lot more about the 1930’s, I have realized that I am so, so lucky, and I take way to much for granted. One of the things I think that I take for granted the most is food. I am lucky because I have a surplus of food at my house, and I can basically eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I was raised always having plenty of food and never having to worry about it, so I have always thought that it is normal to always have plenty of extra food, and being able to eat as much as I want. When I learned more about the 1930’s, especially The Great Depression, I realized that back then most people didn’t have extra food. There were lots of people that were either starving or barely getting by. I have realized that I should be more grateful for the things I have. Sometimes I get bugged when we don’t have the exact food that I want to eat, but from now on I am going to try to just be happy with the fact that we have plenty of food in our fridge!

What Went Wrong?

In the past, things were very, very unequal for people with black skin, compared to people with white skin. I believe that the biggest reason for this is because of the attitude of the white people. Naturally people like to be superior to others, no one wants to be the worst at something. So I believe that the white people used skin color as a way to think there better than other people. Acting superior to the blacks also gave them someone to blame when they’re in the wrong. The whites treated black people so bad that for many people it just stuck in their head that that is how things should be. If you are repetitively told something from a young age, you will eventually believe it. So, for most white people back then, they were raised being taught that they are better than the blacks, so once they were older, they believed that to be true. While, the black people at this time were continually told by whites how awful they are, so they probably began to believe and accept this too. I think that was the biggest problem.

Everything I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About the People I Know

I loved doing the Humans of PGJR assignment, because as I did it I gained a whole new perspective on life. I feel like in junior high kids are super focused on themselves and everyone thinks that their problems are worse than anyone else’s, and that no one else is going through the same things as them. As I did this assignment I realized that is 100% wrong. I realized that everyone struggles with something and most people don’t show it. I thought I knew one of the people really well that I interviewed, but as they started answering my questions I realized that they go through a lot more than I thought they did. I realized that their life isn’t as perfect as I thought it was, and they actually go through a lot of the same struggles as me. My biggest take away from this assignment is that nobody’s life is perfect, even if it seems like it. Also I am going to try not to compare my life with others because I often times only see and hear about the highlights of their life, so it’s not fair for me to compare.

A Whole New Year!

This year I want to accomplish a lot. I want to be the very best version of myself that I can possibly be. In the next five months that I have in school, I want to become a better reader and writer. I want to finish at least five books this semester, because I struggle with finishing books. I will do this by not only reading in class, but also reading at home. I want to become a better writer by doing all the assignments and blog posts that we have, because I think that if I focus in class and do my very best on everything, I will improve my writing, because that’s what I did last semester, and I improved my writing a lot. Some other things I want to do this year is, I want to do all of my homework the day it’s assigned, not the night before it’s due. I think that if I do that, I will do a better job on it. I also want to eat healthier this year!

Halfway Gone

This semester I feel like I have improved my reading and writing skills a lot. I don’t think that I have become very much faster at reading, but I definitely have increased my reading stamina a lot. When we read in class it used to be hard for me to stay focused on my book for that long, but now I find myself wishing we had more time to read. I also have learned to enjoy reading a lot more than I used to. Along with my reading skills, my writing skills have also improved a lot this semester. I think that the blog posts helped me to learn how to write faster and how to write shorter things, because before we  did the blog posts I was super slow at writing. Along with that, the essay and some of the paper that we wrote helped me to learn how to keep a paper organized and how to write longer things, and take my time on them. Overall, I feel like this English class helped me improve a lot this semester.

The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story that I liked the most is Harrison Burgeron. Harrison Burgeron is about a dystopian society in the future that wants everyone to be equal. If people are talented or special in any way, the government finds a way to destroy that. For example, they make really strong people wear weights all the time, and beautiful people have to wear ugly masks all the time. I really liked this story because as I was reading it I thought that it was absolutely insane to have a society like this, and then I realized that the story is about our society, it’s just a really exaggerated representation of people now days. It made me realize that people now days often make fun of people who are exceptional because they are jealous and want to be like them. This was a big realization for me, and helps me not do that because I’m aware of where that jealous criticism comes from and that it’s pointless and rude.

The Good Stuff

I have so much to be grateful for in my life. The two biggest things that I’m grateful for are the people in my life and the opportunities in my life. First of all, I have so many incredible people in my life. I am grateful for my family. My family does so much for me and they are the most fun and funny people that I know. I always have so much fun when I’m with my family. Another group of people that I am grateful for is my friends. I have the most amazing friends ever and I love being around them. I’m also grateful for my teachers, leaders, and all other people in my life. The people that I am able to be around are what makes my life fun and interesting. Along with the people in my life, I am also grateful for opportunity. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to dance and to go to school. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to practice my religion freely, and that I’m able to travel and do the things I love. Those are some of the many things I am grateful for.