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Month: December 2017

The Book I Chose

The Help, Kathryn Stockett, 444

My mom read this and said it was very good so I want to see for myself.

I don’t really know what to expect, I’ve heard it’s good so I hope it is.

Design Thinking

I think this is a good way to organize and get data to make a good presentation. I can see why the English teachers are wanting us to use this because it will make our presentations better, easier, and more focused on the topic we are doing. I think it will be good for me because sometimes I get talking about things that don’t really need to be a part of the presentation that I am doing. I also love to write stories and so this process could apply to that as well. It could really apply to anything that you are introducing to other people. It is not just for presentations and could be very helpful later in life no matter what type of a job you go into. If you go into being a business owner you will want to know what things people want, whatever field you go into this process can be used.

50 Book Challenge Books 15-20







I am in love with these books, they are so good. My favorite in the series so far has been Scarlet but Winter is really good so far as well. I would recommend these books to all ages of reader.

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