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Month: January 2018

To Kill a Mockingbird — so far

I think that it has been an enjoyable read. It is fun to hear about all of Scout’s little things that go wrong in her day. I haven’t really been able to see why it is one of the books to change Americans’ lives yet. I don’t really see how a bunch of kids running around provoking a scary dude would change the world. I don’t like that Dill and Jem have started treating Scout like she is inferior but I guess they are just thinking that they should start acting like men and treat her more like a woman rather than a playmate. She isn’t supposed to run around with them, she’s supposed to play dolls with the other little girls. I do like how when you read about Boo it makes you kind of nervous, it is a really well written book. I think that as we go it will get better and we can see how it changed lives.


Climbing into Other People’s Skin

Atticus wants Scout to be able see the world from different points of view. Scout thinks that everyone is out to get her and that the world is all messed up. He wants her to try and see things from other people’s views so she can understand why they would think or say something that they did. This will help her to not judge everyone as much, she can know why they are doing the things that they are. Scout is pretty ignorant to the situations of other people at the beginning and so Atticus is trying to widen her perspective and get her to understand the world outside of herself a little bit better.

I try to do this on some occasions but it isn’t really something that I just do, I have to think about it. When I do this I find that it is fairly helpful, I am not as quick to judge someone if I think about what they might be going through.


Empathy is the ability to relate to another person, whether they have gone through the same thing or are well educated about what they are going through. It isn’t just feeling bad for them, it is being able to understand what they are going through. It is important for people to be able to empathize with others so that people are able to care more for others in a deeper way. To have empathy you need to have been through something similar so if you are a hermit that lives under a rock and never get out in the world the only person you will be able to empathize with is another hermit that lives under a rock. In order to be more empathetic you need to put yourself out there and go through lots of experiences. You should try to be able to have empathy with as many people as possible. I can’t really think of any time that I have experienced empathy but I had several friends that went through something they needed each other.  So and So had started doing some self harm. So and So2  had had some previous experience with that sort of thing and so they were able to help So and So get through it easier. They talked, So and So2 told So and So about their experience and helped get So and So to stop harming them self.

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

I felt like I did a good job at choosing creative words in my essays. I enjoyed posting on our blogs, especially when we go to do a free write. I could work on sticking to my topic, sometimes I would go off on a tangent and forget what I was supposed to be talking about. I think that The Design Thinking method will help me a lot in the semester to come. It is very helpful to keeping the essay on target.

My number one goal this semester is to end with a 4.0 again. I would really like to have a perfect GPA all throughout high school so I am taking it one year at a time, every term, every semester getting a 4.0 will be my goal.

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