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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Before we read the arguments I didn’t really have an opinion on Shakespeare. I haven’t really read or seen any of his works and so I didn’t care one way or the other what we learned. The argument that was countering that of a high school made some really good points. He argued that people still do all the things that Shakespeare wrote about in the name of love, people still make stupid decisions. It has just as much relevance now as it did 402 years ago when Shakespeare wrote about it. The teacher that was saying we shouldn’t teach Shakespeare was arguing that he was a white male and she had different ethnicity in her class and didn’t want it taught. So what lady!? Grow up, it doesn’t matter if the author was White, Black, Hispanic, Japanese, if it is a great work of literature it should be taught. If we all refused to read anything written by someone with a different gender and race or if it didn’t apply directly to you then we might as well all just go live under a rock and write our own stuff so it has exactly to do with us.



  1. I like how you said that it doesn’t matter if the author is whatever race or whatever else, just if you like the story/play

  2. I agree they do need to grow up and look past the color of someone’s skin

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