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Hate is a very powerful emotion. Sometimes when people have a conflict of opinions it is just easier to say that you hate that person or that thing or whatever it is.  I hate Spanish with all my heart and soul. The people in my class are all idiots and don’t have enough respect for the teacher, themselves, or anyone else in the class. They just talk the whole time and the teacher doesn’t do anything about it. I also hate the assignments we get in there because they are pointless attempts at love stories that we have to translate and they don’t even go on our grade. I think I have very good reason to hate that class because I have not learned hardly anything that I will remember this year. You memorize a sentence or two for a minute and pass it off and then five minutes later you can’t remember the first word of it. I think I should try to better see how the few assignments we get will help us in daily life (it won’t). If I don’t put it behind myself I won’t learn anything (oh wait I don’t anyway).



  1. I like how you said conflict of opinions fuels hatred and I agree. I also see that you really don’t like spanish and it seems no bueno but I bet you know what that means so I’m sure you have learned something

  2. I totally agree with you Spanish sucks because no one does what they are supposed to and then with the stupid assignments that don’t do any good

  3. I really like how you put that differences of opinions can add to conflict and become hatred.

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