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Love Moderately

I think that Frair Lawrence gave some good advice. If they take it (hopefully they will, it’s good advice) it will keep them from doing stupid things. They are really young and so their judgment is not good and they are very likely to do stupid things.  I don’t think that Romeo and Juliet will take that advice because they are not very chill people,  Juliet seems to have really bad judgement because 1) She made out with a random guy 2) She wants to marry him after a few hours of knowing him 3) She’s freaking thirteen!

Romeo is not very good either.  In the morning he was swearing he would never love again because he couldn’t have Rosaline and by the next day he has made out with Juliet is set to marry her. Saying that she is the only love he will ever have. I think that Frair Lawrence was very wise in giving them this advice because they are both mentally insane and will most definitely go over the top.  It will also just be harder for them when (spoiler alert) they think the other is dead…(Dun dun duuu)




  1. They probably won’t take the advice, otherwise we wouldn’t have a story to read. And also teenagers just love to be stupid.

  2. Optima Decipio

    May 16, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Ya I doubt that they’ll take the advice.

  3. They are really immature just like we are and they are freakishly stupid to get married so soon.

  4. I agree, they’re our age (ish) they’re very over dramatic which is kinda ironic seeing that even 400 + years later it’s still accurate for teens

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