What I look for in a Good Character

What do I look for in a good character? I like characters that have flaws, and you can see them consistently throughout the story. I hate it when characters have this flaw that is brought up one time, and never explored upon later on. If that character has a flaw, I want them to continue having it, or work on it while the story is going on. A good example of a character like this is Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series. Even in the first book, he is working on his cowardness by standing up to the main characters, even if he doesn’t succeed, he still went head to head with his flaw and overcame it. Characters can’t be perfect, because nobody is. I’m not, you’re not (No offense) nobody can be perfect. Perfect is just another man-made concept that we can never achieve, so I leave you with this. What I look for in a good character, is a good flaw, and a good way they overcome it.

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