Tell Me About It

i can what to watch the movie bumblebee in December 21 until the movie comes out on theaters  me and my sister will watch the movie but there’s a other thing that i like to do is a desk for recording stuff and study my English 

Who Am I as a Reader?

I’ve been trying to be a Lego builder but its been really hard to do because of the little Lego parts and i’m still going Lego’s and i’m being really good at building other things with Lego’s because i been playing with it for years  seen’s  my my first Lego box and still

What Kind of a Writer Am I

i want to be is a non-fiction and a historic fiction writer. I like the time of World War I and World War II. In World War I they did not have planes to fight with but they had cannons and horses and swords. They would fight each other one on one more. This is hard and sad but it interests me and I would like to write about it. I also like World War II and then they had planes to fight with and people drove in tanks too. The history of these wars is interesting to me and I would like to be a writer that writes about it. 

How I Felt About the First Story

the first story that i read was thank you m’am and the first part of the article was strange for one there was a large women named Luella Bates Washington Jones with a large purse with every thing but a hummer and nails and the boy named Roger that wanted to still Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones purse but couldn’t by his wight and the purse so Roger fell to the ground then Luella Washington Jones kike him the square of rogers back pocket Mrs. Jones bring rogers to her home and bring her food to him but Luella Bates Washington Jones  didn’t knew that rogers was poor.

What I look for in a good character

What I look for in a good characters personally shy scared to the dark and sounds his face has a big nose and small eyes skinny body his always hungry and his best friend is a dog that speaks and interacts personal face expressions the on thing that he hate is when something go’s wrong or weird his other friends are awesome

all about me

hello there my name is Aldair i’m 14 years old and i love hunted videos and i have a YouTube channel like to listen to Latino music and make stuff from scrap movies that i like is transformers, guardians of the galaxy.