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I chose The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I chose it because someone recommended it to me. It seemed like a good book though I think it is not going to be good. I’ve watched the movie and it was pretty bad though they say that the book is always better then the movie so that’s what I’m hoping it’s for. My sister says it was more boring then the book and I usually like the books my sister likes so maybe this will be like that.

The reading level is for young adults because it starts around the age of 14. I know because it says so on amazon. My main character is 15 and is now living with these random hobo kids that also double as farmers and some other jobs. It starts out with a mystery and a question which indicates that it is a young adult fiction.

He’s a new york times best seller. He also received the Whitney Award for the Best Youth Fiction. It got on the Bestsellers list. It has been made into a movie and was nominated for an award. It is very popular in Utah. It’s special because it has a lot of action and story.

My main character is Thomas. He asks way too many questions and is too curious. He saves some people and he wants to be a runner and figure out the maze. He is not as strong as the others but still smart. He can get himself out of many situations. and he is a natural born leader

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