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I am reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Thomas is the main character and when he first arrives he is in a dark room that is acting like an elevator and taking him to the Glade. When Thomas first arrives in the Glade he finds that it is way too bright with an artificial sun and everywhere is green with lush grass and a forest. But the big thing that shows that he is not in a forest is the giant walls surrounding the entire plains and forest. In the maze it is a giant changing maze made out of stone that look like they’ve been there for thousands of years. The walls have thick vines all over them and seem to have writing on each on saying “Wicked is Good.”

As the book continues the maze starts to change a bit. The maze has stopped closing its doors at night so now the Grievers are coming into the Glade and are attacking Thomas and his friends. The Grievers are creatures from the maze that look like half animal half robot but no one knows for sure because their usually killed before they can tell anyone. Farther into the book Thomas runs upon a place called The Cliff but there is a hole that things disappear into when thrown down the hole but no one has ever tried to figure out where it leads. At the end of the book Thomas and over half of the Gladers march into battle against the Grievers to leave the Glade because, The Glade, is now dying and the walls will not close at night so the Grievers now feast upon the Gladers. As they march into battle the landscape changes all around them. When Thomas, Theresa, and Chuck enter the hole they enter a dark room lit only by the computer screens and they must punch in the code to escape.

Once Thomas and his friends enter through a passageway they are suddenly in a facility dedicated to watching and recording them while they were in the maze. Everything they see is white and seems to have been a futuristic kind of world. As they talk to the director of the facility they soon discover that their world, Earth, has perished and is now almost a desolate wasteland of maniacs and psychos waiting to kill,wound, or eat them. When they are told this information they are led to two separate rooms where they are left to absorb the information and try to figure out what their next move will be. The Glade is now no more and is now overrun with Grievers and the dead bodies of their friends who stayed beind in an attempt to defend the Glade. They must now face the horrifying world that was once their home and to overcome the challenges ahead.

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Casting Your Characters Post

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Heath LedgerHeath Ledger playing as Thomas

I chose to cast Heath because in the book it says, “Chuck says, your about five foot nine” and Heath looks about that height. It also says, “Ugly as a fried liver on a stick” its in a joking matter but still it shows that Thomas is neither ugly nor pretty and Heath seems to match that description. The book also says, “Chuck how old do you think I am? Chuck looks me over and says I’d say about Sixteen” and Heath looks about sixteen.

Penélope CruzPenelope Cruz acting as Theresa

I would cast Penelope because in the book it says, “As the box came back up a girl with brownish hair was laying on the floor.” It also says, “Her skin was so pale it looks almost the color of snow” Penelope’s skin looks very pale. It also says, “Her eyes looked so dark that they could pierce your soul.” Penelope’s eyes are very dark and seem about the same as the description.


Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves acting as Gally

I would cast Keanu because in the book it says, “As I walk toward the giant log house I see a guy with a rough looking chin staring at me with menace” Keanu has a rough looking chin as his natural look. It also says, “He looked like he could lift a large amount of weight by himself.” Keanu has been known for being very physically fit. It also says, “His hair was short and looked like he cut it himself.” Keanu’s hair looks a lot like that description.


Johnny DeppJohnny Depp acting as Newt


I would cast Johnny because in the book it says, “As someone walked up to us I could tell that he was the boss around here because of the way he stood up and the way his stare could freeze a horse a mile away.” Johnny Depp has an intense stare if he tries for it he has done it in many of the movies he’s acted in. It also says,”His hair was looking a bit wild” Johnny Depp’s hair looks a bit wild. It also says, “He wasn’t that bulky but he still had a good body, probably because he’s been working a lot out here.” Johnny Depp has a pretty good body and that matches the description.

Term 4 Blog Post

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I chose The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I chose it because someone recommended it to me. It seemed like a good book though I think it is not going to be good. I’ve watched the movie and it was pretty bad though they say that the book is always better then the movie so that’s what I’m hoping it’s for. My sister says it was more boring then the book and I usually like the books my sister likes so maybe this will be like that.

The reading level is for young adults because it starts around the age of 14. I know because it says so on amazon. My main character is 15 and is now living with these random hobo kids that also double as farmers and some other jobs. It starts out with a mystery and a question which indicates that it is a young adult fiction.

He’s a new york times best seller. He also received the Whitney Award for the Best Youth Fiction. It got on the Bestsellers list. It has been made into a movie and was nominated for an award. It is very popular in Utah. It’s special because it has a lot of action and story.

My main character is Thomas. He asks way too many questions and is too curious. He saves some people and he wants to be a runner and figure out the maze. He is not as strong as the others but still smart. He can get himself out of many situations. and he is a natural born leader

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Self Evaluation

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My reading index score 1257. It shows a pretty good representation of my reading. I read a crazy amount and it shows the amount I read because of my score. I have improved a lot since the last time we took this test. I absolutely love reading it is one my favorite hobbies. I feel happy about my score because it is pretty high and shows the level I’m on right now. The test was pretty easy though some of the words were kinda weird but I figured them out pretty quickly.

My book last term was Illusion. It was about a kid who gets sent to another universe. It was pretty good overall but some parts were really boring. For the book report I did the bag thing like everyone else but I didn’t color my title page so that’s probably why I lost so many points on that. In my book I liked the plot and the characters. I wish I had been there when we did the summary because I didn’t know anything about what to do with it so I just kinda guessed and I lost a lot of points on it. I also would have changed the title page a little bit and colored it to look better and more realistic.

My plan for 4th term is to read even more then I did this term. The book I’m going to read is Nobody. It’s about people who have the unnatural ability to be nothing as in they have no energy in their bodies yet they still live and nobody sees or cares about them. I didn’t make the choice on the last book report because I didn’t see any books that I would like to read. This term is going to be one of the longest terms because were finally going to be able to get out of school at the end of it.

Personal adventure

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My normal day at my house is normally spent reading or going on Tv. Every day when I come home I usually grab something to eat then instantly I go to the Tv. I go online on my Xbox and see who can play any video games with me. Afterwards, I usually do my homework. My homework takes normally 1 hour to complete and maybe more if I do not feel up to it. After that, I usually go to Netflix and watch any show that seems interesting or funny. Finally, I start to get ready for the next day. Once I am done then I go to bed and start the entire process over again.

I feel like I don’t read as much as I should. I feel like I’m not giving enough time of my day to reading. If I spent more time reading then I would read at least 1 book and a half every day. My time can be used for more important things than Xbox. I want to be the fastest reader I can possibly be. The books transport me to the world the characters are in and make me feel like I understand them and feel what they are feeling. People tell me I am really fast but in my mind, I am slower then what I used to be.

My laziness is stopping me from completing this goal. In my mind, I want to do it but it’s easier said than done. I don’t usually like to break away from my routine. If I could do this then I would be really fast. My routine is what has kept me from doing things that I don’t like to do. But I want to break away from it very badly. I will miss my routine but it will be worth it in the long run. My mind will most likely try to stop me but I will retaliate.

My mentors for this story/blog would be My sister Diana, and My English teacher Mrs. Phippen. They are the fastest readers I know. My sister reads every day in her spare time. Mrs. Phippen, I don’t normally see read but she can read a page in like 10 seconds. Phippen is the only one who has read more pages than me this school year. She is an abnormal reader and an amazing teacher. Diana is an amazing reader too, she is the top reader in her class to at the high school. I will follow the examples of Mrs.Phippen and Diana to become a better reader.

Personal Quest

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My parents told me not to get Christmas gifts for my friends last year. But I felt that my friends deserved the gifts because they have been so good to me that year. So I ignored them and went to get the gifts and I was right to do so. They were grateful to me for getting the gifts and I knew they were good friends. They told me that they would get gifts for me too. But I declined because truthfully I don’t like gifts. I’d rather give gifts and see them happy. They said they would do it anyway but they forgot and I’m really happy that they did. I did not deserve gifts that Christmas but they did and no one would have done it so I took it upon myself to give it to them. I love my friends because they are amazing and kind. I gave it to them one day while they were all gone and left it by their doors. They almost thought that it was from a secret admirer or something but then they read the label and laughed and were happy. I’m happy I did this for them and hope they were happy that Christmas.

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When I was younger I had a moment which changed my life. It was an ordinary day in the 2nd grade at Grovecrest or so and I was just minding my own business when suddenly I heard a voice that said “Wanna play tag.” I turned around and looked who it was and all I saw standing there was a little kid named Kavan. I didn’t know it then but I had just met my best friend in the entire world. I don’t know why I was friends with him that parts a bit fuzzy but from that day forward we never did anything alone. We were inseparable. He had my back and I had his. Later, on in the years I grew apart from him and thought he was too weird to be around. But then I had a moment of clarity and was friends with him again. He has always been there for me and most of the time I feel like I don’t deserve him. This may seem like a love story to some people but it isn’t to those people who find weird stuff in everything. I am so happy that he is my friend. I can’t say that he feels the same way but I hope we stay friends forever.

Term 3 Blogging

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What I did over the break was sit around and watch TV. It was really quiet in my house except for the TV screen. We didn’t go out of town we just stayed home. We didn’t go anywhere because we didn’t have anywhere to go to and we felt content to just stay home and relax. My family started watching the new star trek TV show. I got Christmas gifts for all of my family and all of my close friends.

The book I chose for the book report is Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I chose this book because I was reading the series and I got to this book and it seemed interesting so I’m now using it. The author of the book is Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is a 7th grade reading level. It is a teen and young adult genre.

One goal I have this year is to read a lot more then what I am reading now. I am very slow from what I used to be. I don’t usually make time for reading so now I want to read more. Reading is what keeps me from going insane and I haven’t been reading that much. My parents always tell us to read more and now they will probably be happy to see me reading.



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I am the evil of the world

I am the dead and the sadness

My Mother is both bad and good

My Father the planner and the doer

I love the sun and the forest and running through the night

I feel Death and sadness along with guilt

Everlasting guilt

My fear is the departure of my parents in the night and of my death in the winter night

The Icy cold I feel inside of me

I have discovered the bells of death

Of how it feels to lose everything dear to me

I wanted to see the world and the happiness in people

I live in the house that is like Hell


Reader Response

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I liked the poem ME. I liked this poem because of how it compares with nature. The words they use are so amazing and interesting. I really feel like I connect with what their saying. Their metaphors are really good. This poem is definitely more superior to the others.

This poem is like me because I view myself as a person that I won’t change ever. I am the tree that won’t move no matter what. This poem isn’t like my theme song paper at all. My paper was more dark and complex than this. It didn’t feel as heavy as this but it was still good.

 This represents me because I view death as a part of me because of my losses I have had. It is the sad part of me that I wish I didn’t have.

End of Term

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This term, when I read After the End, I really loved this book because of all of it’s action and excitement. It took me a week to finish this book because I was reading other books that had my attention. I didn’t feel rushed at all I had full confidence of finishing my book easily. I had plenty of time to finish my book and I was very comfortable with my speed. I couldn’t make this any easier for myself. I would probably finish the book first before reading others next term.

Writing was pretty hard for me. I really couldn’t seem to get the hang of writing. It was hard because I didn’t really understand the instructions that well. I wish I had listened more to the instructions instead of reading. But overall I did pretty good on the blog posts.

I liked how I did a review about my book. I wish I was a bit more prepared about the book report because I wasn’t really prepared. I would change my entire book report because the critique review was a bit hard and complicated. I thought it would be easy but then it looked like it was very complicated. I would do the five objects because it seemed easy and fun.

I would keep my reading habits the same if I started the term over again. But I would change my listening because it was kinda hard to do my blog posts because I was reading during them. I feel term 1 was a very good term for me because of my grades and my friends. I feel a bit sad that it is coming to an end but I am excited for the new term. This was a very good term.

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