What I learned About Peopple

I didn’t learn anything new because I already know and knew that everyone has things that they don’t let others see or want them to see. I knew that everyone has their story and that everyone chooses what they let others see and that some things may be too personal or too embarrassing to say or they’ll be just fine to share . This project was fun-ish but I think the outcome or when they are in the halls will be cool to see. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it it was fine and I get what they want us to get out of it so yeah.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

At the beginning of this year my goal was to pass all my classes and so far i’ve done that, if you count a D- as passing which I do. but my main goal was to pass math and English and i got a C in 1st and 2nd term in math but 3rd term i got a D- sooooooooooooooooooo i  don’t know, English was hard for me last year but this year it hasn’t been that hard i’ve gotten mastery and the other blue one that like exceeds mastery or something like that, my next term goal is to keep doing good in  my classes  but try harder in math

What makes a person great

I think a great example of a great person is Atticus because throughout the whole book he shows how he sticks to his values and his own mindset. In my mind something that makes a person great is that they can see other peoples point of views and can understand what they think and believe whatever it is, that they can stick to their own values but can understand the values of others and that they have an open mind and can respect the opinion of others even if they don’t share the same opinion.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Review

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book about Equality, Justice, and knowing right from wrong. It takes place in the Middle East during the great depression. Atticus is the single  father of Scout and Jem, he is a lawyer taking a case he knows he is going to lose and that he could literally lose everything for it, Scout and Jem are brother and sister living a new adventure each day. The day of the court is when everything changes for them and most of Maycomb county.


The film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird is okay i guess, It leaves out a lot of things like, the pageant, the fire and more things that I think should have been in the book because it would’ve helped to explain the background information and so it could be more like the book because in the book, some of the things they left out were really big parts. My favorite of the movie would be the day of the court because Atticus’s speech was really really really powerful and i think he changed some peoples mind set.

Good Stuff

Rachel says, “If a man like Atticus finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head.”  (244)

I like this quote and what it is saying because i feel like its saying that like since Atticus is like full out against racism and the whole problem in the south and the trial thing, even though he knows that what he says or what he does, he’s the minority. Atticus knows that some people know that what they do is wrong and that tom didn’t rape her but in their time and place it is just not acceptable for them to even think that way.

An Authority on Courage- Curious George

What would Curios George say to my friend? i think he would say

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just kidding Mr. Green;)

just to not think about it too much to the point you are stressing and worrying about it 24/7 and to when it’s time to do whatever it is that they were trying to do, to just do it. Do it at the best of your ability and it doesn’t matter if you fail or mess up at least you did it and you are over it, and if you succeed at it then you have one fear less of all the fears or worries you may have. Just have fun while doing whatever it is.Image result for curious george


Real Courage

I like Atticus’s definition of “courage” is pretty good and i like it because it really has a lot of meaning to it and i think if you really read it and go into this definition you could get something out of it, My definition of Courage would be to stand up for what you believe in and what you think is right, so it is a little like atticus said but different Image result for courage


Well if Atticus knows he is going to loose the case i don’t know why he’s still agreeing to do it because in their time and in their place, their is no chance of a black person wining a case over a white person but i mean it’s nice and admirable that he is still taking it and he’s willing to put his family through something like this, so it must mean something. I think this says a lot about who Atticus is as a person and what his values are. I’m not entirely sure i would do the same but idk.

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To kill a MockingBird– so far

So far the book is okay I get kinda confused with the characters names sometimes but it’s pretty interesting. My favorite chapter so far is chapter 7 because it’s really interesting with what has been happening and it’s scary-ish to find some dolls in a hole that are made out of soap and to have them look like your brother and yourself, i think that is wack. I don’t really like how the first 2 or 3 chapters were really slow but i guess that’s how most books are, again i get confused with the characters name but it might just be me. Image result for mockingbird

Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

I think what Atticus was trying to tell Scout by saying to climb into another person’s skin was to be open minded with other people’s point of view because everyone has a different one. Scout and some of her classmates were being kinda disrespectful to the new teacher because she didn’t really know anything of them. The teachers point of view was different because she thought they were going to be little kids that are barley going to school and learning their alphabet but she was wrong because most of those kids had already gone to the first grade. Image result for open minded