Book Club Response 1

First they killed my father starts off talking about the family and each of they’re personality traits. one day Loung comes home after playing hopscotch with her friends and sees that her family is packing. the mom says they are leaving because the u.s. is going to bomb Cambodia which is where they live. They first leave in a truck but that runs out of gas so they end up having to walk and they are now on a week long walk with military stations checking every ones belongings.

Loung Ung is a human rights activist, she is from phenom Penh, She wrote First they killed my father with personal experiences of the Khmer rouge regime. Interesting facts about Loung Ung is that she is the spokesperson for the campaign landmine free world. she is the sixth of seven children.

I haven’t finished the book yet but I can take a wild guess and guess that her father is going to get killed and her family is going to be sent to be slaves.