Book club response 2

The ung family has to leave phenom pehn and they are on a 7 day walk, when they later see theyre uncle and takes them to a village. they then have to leave that and head to theyre grandmas. loung and some of her siblings get sick and they star hallucinating and seeing monsters.the khmer rouge starts to kill people who they see as threats. again they are picked up by a truck and start to move on. loung is captured and she is trained to be a solider and her siblings are sent to labor camps.

we chose the scenes where loung sees her family packing, they are on a 7 day walk, and theyre father being killed as well as theyre brother. these scenes are important because you never know whats going to happen so you have to be ready.

i think it takes place during world war 2 because the u.s. wants to bomb Cambodia and they end up leaving

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  1. rrhodehouse · February 14, 2020 at 9:16 pm ·

    Can you add to your history clip? Maybe share more about why they wanted to do this?