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I normally go to school then go home and do my homwork for the day. Then I either hang out with a friend or I just hang out in my room till dinner then after dinner I either sit on the couch with my family for a bit or go back to my room somtimes my sister will come into my room and hang out with me for a little while.

My call to adventure is trying to get off my phone more and spend more time with my family or friends and to spend less time in my room.

But somtimes I dont have anything else to do or everyone else like my family and my friends have plans or they dont really feel like hanging out so when that happens I normally just go to my room and play in my phone.

My mom is my mentor. She is always telling me to get off my phone and hang out with the family she also helps reminds me to spend less time on my phone and to go be social.


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