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The Host written by Stephenie Meyer

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For my main charecter Melanie Stryder I choose the acter Tamannaah. I chose her because she has the same short brown hair as Melanie “Dark shiny hair that goes down to her shoulders, sun browned skin.” Also, she has the pretty dark colored skin tone just like it says in the book and also because she ends up spending a lot of time in the sun.

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For Melanies boyfriend Jared I chose Chris Hemsworth. I chose him because in the book he has “Naturaly dark but sun bleached hair.”  Jared is also very tall and muscular just like Chris Hemsworth also in the book he has to spend a lot of time in the sun and he is very tan.

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For my villan in the book the seeker Terra I chose the actor Jill roberts. In the book the seeker has problems with the body she is hosting in. She is the one who first helps Wonderer when she is first placed in her host. Also, “she mocks Wonderer for not being able to completely drive out Melenies spirit.” So she in very rude to Wonderer threw out the book.


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In my book they have a older man that they call doc. Hes the one who takes care of the sick humans. I choose the actor Jeff Goldbulm because they discribe him as a “Tall and slim” man.


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My book is the host by stephenie Meyer. They live in a Arizona desert in a cavern like thing in a mountian in the dersert. They cavern that they live in have a lot of rooms in it for the people to live in to have a place to sleep most of them have just a mat on the ground for them to sleep on. They also have a lunchroom and a kitchen so they have a place to eat and a giant garden were the sun gets through.

My book is based off of the futor. They have a lot of very nice bildings and a lot of the things like helecopters and cars are a silver color. They also have amazing medicine that can heal you in just a few seconds.

Most of the time its very hot and really dry. Also when it gets dark sometime they are aloud to go outside for just a few minutes to look at the stars. The weather has a really big inpact on the main charecter beacuse when she is trying to find the carvern she gets really bad heatstroke and almost dies but then they find her and then they take her to the cavern.

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spring break

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Next week durning spring break  im going camping to buck horn wash. My family is going with me and some of my family friends. One of my really good friends is going to go Rocco and im pretty excited because we havent been camping in a long time together. Also, my favorite aunt Debra and my favorite uncle Brandon might be coming and I hope they do because they are one of my favorite people to go camping with. I’m also excited that my aunt Shelly is going because her trailor is really cool and she lets me sleep in their trailor with my cousin Alia.

We are going to hike a lot and we are bring our mountain bikes so hopfully we find some cool trails to ride on. Also we being a lot of games like horse shoes or laders to play and we have like comptitions with eachother and my family gets really competitive with eachother so it gets really fun and realy funny to watch ecspacily when my aunt Shelly and my uncle Brandonn play with eachother. We are also going to bring some morticycles and forwheelers so we will be going on some rides with every one.

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I choose The Host because i was already reading it at home beacause my mom said that it was a really good book to read.


The reading level is probable about 14 and up. I know because the main character is about 18 years old.

The author Stephenie Myer  wrote the twlight series. There is also a movie for the book

call to adventure

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I normally go to school then go home and do my homwork for the day. Then I either hang out with a friend or I just hang out in my room till dinner then after dinner I either sit on the couch with my family for a bit or go back to my room somtimes my sister will come into my room and hang out with me for a little while.

My call to adventure is trying to get off my phone more and spend more time with my family or friends and to spend less time in my room.

But somtimes I dont have anything else to do or everyone else like my family and my friends have plans or they dont really feel like hanging out so when that happens I normally just go to my room and play in my phone.

My mom is my mentor. She is always telling me to get off my phone and hang out with the family she also helps reminds me to spend less time on my phone and to go be social.


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personal quest

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one experience that has made me feel more like an adult is when my little brother broke his leg when we were skiing. My brother was on the top mountain when he broke his leg with my aunts and uncles while the rest of my family was at the parking lot. When my dad got the call that my brother was hurt he went up to the top mountain to meet up with everyone while they waited for the helicopter. They didn’t have enough room in the helicopter so my dad went back down and met up with my mom. When they left to the hospital I was left with my 2 little siblings for almost two days i helped watch my sibling at my aunts house.

I used to never want to go to the top mountain while snowboarding it used to scare me really bad. One day my dad told me that if i went to the top he would get me food. The day was very snowy and your cold only see about 20ft in front of you i was so scared but then it ended up not being bad at all and i was fine. Im glad that my dad got me to go up to the top moutain because one of my favorite runs is on the top.

term 3 blogging

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Over the break me and my cousin Codee went to Costa Vida and got some good food. After we walked to khols and tried on a bunch of clothes for fun. When we were done with khols we walked to a makeup store and looked for nail polish then we went back to Codees house and Dustin her older brother was there and showed us some cool music. Codee also did my nails and my makeup.


I choose the book hatchet. I choose this book because my sister told me that it was really good. The author is Gary The reading level is around 7th to 8th grade because the main character is 13.

My goal for this year is to get better grades and to understand better with things at school. I also want to make some more friends and have a good friend group for the rest of the school year.


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I liked the poem “The anthem of awesome” the best out of the others. I liked that it shows that everyone has insecurities and that it is okay. I also like that when it says something bad it always has something good about the bad thing. This song is like me because I’ve had to learn that nobody is perfect and that i’m not perfect  and everyone has there own insecurities . This poem is like my theme song because my theme song and  the poem show that everyone is different in there own ways.

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This picture is like me because I had to learn to be my own hero instead of always relying on other people to help me out.

End of Term

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It took me about 2 and a half months. I did feel kinda rushed but I got it done. I would change the next quarter to having more time to finish the books so I wouldn’t feel stressed about finishing it on time.

The blog post sometimes got a little stressful but other than that they were fine. If I were to change it I would stop doing blog post around the time when a book report is due.

The book reports were pretty easy I didn’t feel stressed about them at all besides having to show them to the class. There really isn’t anything I would change I think that they are good the way they are.

Now that the term is over i know what to expect for term 2 so that’s good.

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