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This cover is very interesting. I feel like it doesn’t give away a lot of the book, and I feel like it grabs enough attention. I personally have never read this book but I’ve always wanted to. I feel like this cover has the potential to be misleading, especially if certain people, like myself, tend to overthink simple covers. It really gets you thinking and I personally like if the cover’s misleading (at least a little bit).

Covers, personally for me, don’t really affect my decision on whether or not to read a book, but sometimes will grab my attention. But, a lot of the times I read off of a kindle, so I don’t see covers a lot. If I were to write a book however, I would take a lot of time on the covers because I feel like a lot of people do judge books by their covers. I do enjoy covers that you can only understand after you’ve read the book, which is very good and clever, in my personal opinion. For example, on some versions of the covers, there is just a single animal on the cover, and you don’t really piece it together until you’ve read the whole book. It’s really cool to be able to look back and say, “Oh I understand where (s)he got that idea for the cover!”



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