Lit Circle Final: This Savage Song


  1. August Flynn: August is the youngest of the three sunai in existence. He is one of the main characters in the book and it follow his story as he and Kate Harker navigate Verity city. He’s pretty shy, but kind, remorseful, and passionate about his music. As a sunai, he has to feed, but he doesn’t want to and he feels bad after doing it. He wishes he was more human.
  2. Kate Harker:  Kate is the only child of the infamous Callum Harker who rules the north side of Verity city.She is a teenage girl who lost her mother in a car accident and has been bouncing around boarding schools before finally coercing her father in to letting her stay and attend school in Verity city where she meets “Freddie Gallagher” who is actually August Flynn. One of her father’s rivals. She believes that in order to be accepted by her father she must be cold, emotionless and calculating so she hides behind a mask of indifference and cruelty. In reality she’s a lost girl that’s desperate for the acceptance and support of her mostly absent father.
  3. Leo Flynn: Leo is the oldest of sunai, and he is the one who chose to side with the Flynns when the wall dividing Verity was put up. He is very “holier-than-thou” and believes that he knows what’s best. He hates being forced to stay on the south and wishes that he could have Verity for himself. Really, he’s just a jerk.
  4. Callum Harker: Callum Harker is basically the ruler of the north half of Verity. He found a way to make the Malchai and the Corsai follow his commands and do his bidding, and he forces everyone on his side of the city to pay to be under his protection from the monsters that roam the night. He’s manipulative, cold, calculating, and he only sees people as objects and tools that he can use or manipulate to his advantage. He only sees his daughter with value after she works to prove herself to him. He is also a jerk.
  5. Ilsa Flynn: Ilsa is the sweet middle sunai who is confined to Flynn tower. She is kind and sweet and generally wishes well to all she loves. She also happens to be a it spacey and she often gets lost in her own head and isn’t entirely there. She helps August when he desperately needs it and somehow sees the world in a way that nobody else can.


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