May 18

Blog #4: Story/Legend & Poem /

The poem is about the pain loneliness and heart break brings and the story is about a rich prince being a snob and in return, he gets punished to sum it all up. The details we when the author would go into deep detail and use interesting vocab to help create something like the sentence “use his gumption to quell the rebellion” and “the inquiry was swift and the libidinous queen was executed.” these sentences added new depth and changed my scenery into the new thing that was happened or helped the story playing in my head. They used short sentences and then when going into depth, they would make it longer and more detailed. Each sentence had a different topic to them but followed the same idea that was going on. The theme I think was never get ahead of what you have and don’t be snobby about it. Why I think it is that way is because they were always talking about money, being rich, and how snobby the people can be like when the story was detailing how high of a life but how easy it is to be cruel in the sentence, ” In such a rich province, where lavish food filled the stomach, mischief would have come easy.”. What I’ve noticed about the cultural things is the mentioning of royalty and the odd names of places and people the author put into the story. It tied into the story because there is only a tiny pinch of places that I can think of that has/had royalty within the country and the names sound foreign and a bit Arabian an it really started to tie in because when I read it, I could picture the setting in a deserty area.

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