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Book Club Response 2

Where I am currently at in my book right now is when Veda is just beginning to attend a new dance school. She has a new teacherĀ  but she was told that she would have to start dance over from the very beginning, considering that she is missing half of her leg. Her class consists of a bunch of children and she feels out of place, but she is determined to get to where she used to be. Some messages that I see being built are when you are truly dedicated to something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. How I know that is Veda was willing to leave her old dance school that she had been at so long to go somewhere with little knowledge just so that she could improve. What has happened since last time is Veda has been taking more action in reaching her goal of dancing again.

The scenes that my group decided to share in the podcast were all very important parts to the story. The first scene that was shared was from Desi and she shared the scene where Veda won her dance competition. This scene showed how good of a dancer Veda was and how dedicated she was. The next scene that was shared was by Taya and she shared the scene where Veda got into her bus accident. In her accident she lost half of her leg which was a big deal for the rest of the story since Veda loves to dance. The third scene that we shared was by Angelina and it was the scene when Veda’s enemy was being nice to her. We thought that this would be significant because it shows that even people were feeling bad for her she would never expect. The last scene that my group decided to share was when there were people giving Veda a hard time on her bus. Veda was getting sick of this old lady constantly asking hat happened to her, so she told the lady her leg got chopped off my a crocodile and chomped her teeth together in front of the old lady’s face.

My book genre is fiction but it takes place in India. The book is based around a form of dance called Bharatanatyam dance that is very popular in India. This type of dance expresses South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas. India’s languages, religions, dance, music, architecture and food differ from place to place in the country. Bharatanatyam is a type of way of expressing Hinduism.



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Book Club Response 1

The book that I am reading is “A Time To Dance” and the part of the novel I am currently at is where Veda just returned home from the hospital. Chandra just came to visit Veda and Veda is happy that she was able to connect with her again. Some of the themes I am seeing being built are even if things are painful, to keep trying. How I know this is when Veda is challenged with difficult tasks that used to be simple, even when it hurts she doesn’t let it make her stop.

The author of this novel is Padma Venkatraman. She is an American author that was born in India. There was an interview by Braided Way that talked about how her culture and spirituality influenced her writing in general, but not A Time to DanceĀ exclusively. She has lived in India, The United Kingdom, Germany, The United Arab Emirates, and America. She was born in India and grew up Hindu, which also influenced her writing. An interesting fact about her is that she is also an oceanographer, and she loves the spiritual experience of being on the ocean.

What I predict for the remainder of the book is that Veda will end up using her disability to create something greater than any other way of dancing ever seen. By this, she will even get more recognition than she did from winning her competition. What I think is going to come up is she is going to get support from people she never thought she would get support from. Even Kamini and her mother.

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