Post#5 News Article

The article that I read about my country, Iraq, had a lot of information about previous attacks that had happened. Both the U.S. and Iraq had sent strikes trying to defend themselves. Iraq took care of their wounded, and tried to find out who sent the attacks and where. They probably wanted to find out who did it so they could stop their attacks from coming. The problem here is obvious. Iraq is getting involved in attacks and are being attacked. The article including multiple sets of the numbers of casualties and injuries informing us that there was more than one attack on Iraq. This could tell us that the attackers might not have accomplished what they wanted to or maybe that they knew that they wouldn’t get caught if they sent another attack. From the information in this article, we can conclude that Iraq is in a state of unrest. They constantly bombarded with attacks whether it be physically or politically. This affects us because U.S. and Iraq relations have been in troubled waters for a while. More people should be aware of what goes on between our country and other countries.

(I lost the link to the article, but this is the article just copied to docs for annotating)

Post #4: Background Information

The population of Iraq is 37 million people. 9.5 million of those people, about 26 percent, live in it’s largest city and capital, Baghdad. The cities of Basra and Mosul are also large cities, containing 2 million people each. Basra is Iraq’s main port even though it doesn’t have deep water access. There are two major languages spoken in Iraq, Arabic and Kurdish. According to our world in data, agricultural value has slightly decreased, diseases have decreased, and energy use has increased. The main religion in Iraq is Islam. Some important years in Iraq’s history are 1980-1988 when the Iran-Iraq war takes place. The current president of Iraq is veteran Iraqi kurdish politician Barham Salih.


Final Book Club Project Response

I loved Ayesha at past. It was a lot of fun to read and it was such a good story. I loved that it was a different culture and a different kind of modern story. One thing I didnt like was their attitudes in some points of the book. It also made me sad that it ended so soon. I feel like there was more to the story that I wanted to hear. I was mad at Hafsa for being a reckless young adult. I definitely understand more of Muslim culture and how they view marriage. I would recommend this book to those who like romance but would also be okay with reading about a different culture.

Book Club Response 2

     I have finished Ayesha at Last. I liked it a lot because it showed the simplicity of love but also the roller-coaster of events that had to happen for the simple feeling to get there. The scene I shared was of when Khalid and Ayesha are sharing a moment together under the stars eating snacks. I decided to share it because this is one of the first moments that they realize that they have feelings for each other. It’s important because it’s right before they find out separately that Khalid is engaged to the real Hafsa. Khalid thinks it’s Ayesha so he is happy about it, but Ayesha is heartbroken. Another seen we shared is the one where Sheila finds reasons to try and fire Khalid. This scene was important because it started the conflict that led to further character development.

Ayesha at Last takes place in a Muslim community. In the Muslim culture, marriage is like a contract. The two parties, the family of the groom and the family of the bride, have to offer and accept the marriage in front of two witnesses. The groom even has to pay for a bridal gift according to the contract. Muslim etiquette is also a big part of their culture. When they greet each other, they say “as-salamu alaykum” which means “peace be unto you.” Before meals, they say,” “bismillah” which means, “in the name of God.” Another thing Muslim’s practice is praying five times a day. Sometimes they pray in the mosque, but it is not required.

Book Club Response 1

I have finished the Ayesha at Last. The theme that I saw at the end of the book is to be yourself, but to also be open to other peoples’ ideas. The author of Ayesha at Last is Uzma Jalaluddin. She is a Muslim that lives in Toronto Canada. It was hard for her to find books about people like her so she wrote herself.

An Interview With Uzma Jalaluddin, Author of Ayesha At Last, This Summer’s Must-Read Book

In this interview, she explains that she loves pride and prejudice so she used it as a way to introduce her readers to the Muslim community. She wrote her book that was set in Canada and thought that she would at least be entertained by it herself. She was glad and surprised that it turned out to be a success.

I thought that it wasn’t that easy to predict the actions of the story. I thought I made the correct predictions but the book turned ended differently than what I expected.

Lit. Circle #2 Three Dark Crowns

I feel like the most important songs are the ones that represent the three queens. Arsinoe’s, bird set free by Sia, Mirabella’s, heart speak by Dzeko, and Katharine’s, Bones by WENS. Arsinoe’s song talks about how she knows who she is and she will fight for herself. She wants to be successful for her people, but her gift doesn’t show up. This displays how she is determined to be free of her sisters and the humiliation of her gift that isn’t showing up. Mirabella’s song is about her feelings about her sisters and of Joseph. She doesn’t want to kill her sisters and she even speaks her heart and at least tries to tell Arsinoe. She loves Joseph even though he is in love with someone else and she still lets herself feel that. Katharine’s song explains her poison gift. All of the poisons that she has taken to get immune make her restless and weak. I like three dark crowns because of the tension between all of the queens and the excitement that brought. I also liked the suspense to see what would happen during the festivals at the end after all that led up to it. I like the soundtrack that we came up with for this book because it represents the characters and scenes almost perfectly. I didn’t like Joseph in this book. I did at first but then he was such a jerk and a player. What explanations in the next books will make it okay? None! I thought it was sad how Jules forgave him after his first affair, but then he just went and cheated again. Overall though, this was an enjoyable book. It took a while to get invested in it since there is a lot to explain and set up but it was good. I am excited to read the next ones to see how the rest of the story plays out.

Book Show and Tell #2: The Blue Castle

This book is about a girl named Valancy who lives with her mother, aunt, and other family who are terribly horrible to her. They don’t let her do anything that she wants and hardly even let her talk. She imagines a place that she calls her blue castle and spends most of her time imagining the life she would like to live. She has some medical issues and consults a doctor about them. He writes her a letter that says she could die anytime between a week and a year. She decides to leave her family and be bold about living the life that she wanted to. She meets Barney and he takes care of her while she is away from family. I liked this book because of the funny romance it had and Valancy’s character. I would recommend it to those who like romance.


Blog Post #6

My first picture represents the elemental gift that Mirabella has. Her hardest element to control is water.

My second picture is one of a tree to represent the forest that the naturalists live close too. Arsinoe spends a lot of time there.

The last picture represents the first scene with Katharine when she throws up at the feast.

I am starting to like this book, the conflict is continuing to develop and is more understandable now. The author is moving the story along in a great way. She shows each queen’s side and lets you into their mind as you start to figure out more about what is happening. I like this book and I am excited to keep reading to see what happens.


Blog Post #5

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After watching John Greens vlog, there weren’t really any books he recommended that I was interested in reading. I have gotten a book for Christmas every year. Most times it was a book that I had asked for, but they were books I had no idea about a few other times. I usually start it on Christmas Day after the chaos of the morning, but I don’t finish it until later. I like to get books for Christmas, but if I get one that I haven’t heard about or don’t like I read it anyways.

I have read one book in my series and I am about 30 pages into the next book. I would give the series to a lot of my family, but they already have it. I think to read the whole entire series because there are 9 books.

For Thanksgiving, I am going to Orem to have it with my Dad’s side of the family. That’s always a lot of fun. For Christmas, I am staying home for Christmas Day and then a few days after, I am going up to Logan where most of my mom’s side of the family lives.

Blog Post #4

Dumplin' (Dumplin' #1)

The main issue that is presented in this book is body positivity. This issue was brought up in the 1850’s-90’s when there was a movement called the Victorian Dress Reform Movement that wanted women to not have to modify their bodies through use of corsets and tightlacing in order to fit in. Women participated, but they were still mocked for not following the trend, and made fun of for their body types. In 1967, Steve Post held a fat-in in central park. He said that the event “was to protest discrimination against the fat.” This helped there to be more movements and associations for fat people such as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and the Health at Every Size initiative. Since then, there have been other movements and actions taken to be more inclusive of all people. Julie Murphy has done a good job so far in bringing up this issue in Dumplin’. We feel for Will as she struggles to fit in and to be a normal person. I like this book so far, but I haven’t read any other issue-driven novels.