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Dumplin' (Dumplin' #1)

The main issue that is presented in this book is body positivity. This issue was brought up in the 1850’s-90’s when there was a movement called the Victorian Dress Reform Movement that wanted women to not have to modify their bodies through use of corsets and tightlacing in order to fit in. Women participated, but they were still mocked for not following the trend, and made fun of for their body types. In 1967, Steve Post held a fat-in in central park. He said that the event “was to protest discrimination against the fat.” This helped there to be more movements and associations for fat people such as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and the Health at Every Size initiative. Since then, there have been other movements and actions taken to be more inclusive of all people. Julie Murphy has done a good job so far in bringing up this issue in Dumplin’. We feel for Will as she struggles to fit in and to be a normal person. I like this book so far, but I haven’t read any other issue-driven novels.

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