Lit. Circle #2 Three Dark Crowns

I feel like the most important songs are the ones that represent the three queens. Arsinoe’s, bird set free by Sia, Mirabella’s, heart speak by Dzeko, and Katharine’s, Bones by WENS. Arsinoe’s song talks about how she knows who she is and she will fight for herself. She wants to be successful for her people, but her gift doesn’t show up. This displays how she is determined to be free of her sisters and the humiliation of her gift that isn’t showing up. Mirabella’s song is about her feelings about her sisters and of Joseph. She doesn’t want to kill her sisters and she even speaks her heart and at least tries to tell Arsinoe. She loves Joseph even though he is in love with someone else and she still lets herself feel that. Katharine’s song explains her poison gift. All of the poisons that she has taken to get immune make her restless and weak. I like three dark crowns because of the tension between all of the queens and the excitement that brought. I also liked the suspense to see what would happen during the festivals at the end after all that led up to it. I like the soundtrack that we came up with for this book because it represents the characters and scenes almost perfectly. I didn’t like Joseph in this book. I did at first but then he was such a jerk and a player. What explanations in the next books will make it okay? None! I thought it was sad how Jules forgave him after his first affair, but then he just went and cheated again. Overall though, this was an enjoyable book. It took a while to get invested in it since there is a lot to explain and set up but it was good. I am excited to read the next ones to see how the rest of the story plays out.

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