1% gain

I need more sleeep,because I go to at bed at 10:30 and that’s to late for me. I could go to bed early like 9 or 9:30. If I can go to bed earlier I can get more sleep and then I wouldn’t be so tired in the morSing. so I can get 1% gain and go to sleep earlier I am going to go to bed at 9:30 from now on. Hopefully, I wont be tired.I cuold be more awake in my ferst perd class,becuas you dont reilly do werk in that calss so it is rilly boreing so I sleep in that class becus I am tiyerd and we dont bo enythingin that class.

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The stcky l

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literature review

This persons story is like everyday life the story is about this girl that is very happy all the time and nothing gets in her way,she love to stay organised,she has lots of pets she is exited to go to school at the Germany  she is in 7th head. she is so exited to go, when school stets it is her birthday she meats  lots of good friends.there it take about she is popular and sum kids are jellies of her.then comes a brolly that thinks he is so cool to bully people he bully to 7th and 8th grater, then it gets solved.

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what am I reading

I am reading a book called Michael Vey it about this kid that has,powers and he shocks people he goes on a Jon. I chose this book because I wanted to read it because everyone said that is was good so I tried it out and I loved it. What I like about it is that it is intense and really anyone could read it, and I think anyone would like if you like intense book you should read this book. its super long but it it worth it and if you a super fast reader than you will get through it faster if not it will just take you longer but that ok. 

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Who Am I as a reader

I don’t like to read that much I do like it sumtimes but not a lot becuas Its herd for me and I am slow at reading it. but I konw if you find the right book or the right jonrus you will like the book like I love micoll viy and I reilly in joy it so for l have raed the 1 and the 2 book so for l would reckmed it even thow it’s supe langbut a lot of people read you just have to fined the right book and then you will like it better and you have to judt keep praticing.

How I Did During ferst term

I think I did ok I mean the ferst term I could of dun a little better but for the seckent term  I could mack a goal for me to set my goole is to finish at lest 2 book this term and to unbrstand thinks better and ask qustins to what I don’t unstand I will no by prapiing it and and find not long bookesnet to find shoerter bookes thats are goos still and the booke that i can raed not to hered or not to eaesy.I could would do better last term this term I will tery to get a A or a B,B+

The power of words

Now I know that the power of words is so powerful and it has meanings.  It is like saying that I really like your T-shirt. It reminds me of my grandma or something like that. It could be the way that you say it, or it could be meant as sarcastic, even if said with a happy and smiling face. It could also be in a text. If you go in all CAPITOL letters, it could be meant as mean towards them.   It can mean so many thing that we just need to be careful of what you say, because you may not not know the person that well or if you do they just might not think that it is funny.

What kind of a writer am I

I am not the best writer in the would but there is a lot of good writers out there. And I have to think a lot, and I am not a fast typer. my goal for this year is to type more words then I do now.I will tery to tiyp at least eveyday or every other day. if not then I will somtime in life and I will get better in and better becaus and peratic at school.

As far as my ideas, I like to tell stories that are a little wierd. Well, some would think they are wierd. 

How I Felt About the first stoery

The store was really interesting because its is always saying homeless are made out of meat. Do the humans thank that the galleons are roll we never no. also do the alyons tock to the homes in the would and other people study us and see what o have in a buds and see whats going on. but why would they wont to learn about  us does the alone have meat and do they have bears.is the stoery triying to tock to other people or is it tockiing to the alrons and they have been teriying to get a hold of us for a long  time.

What I look for in a good Character

What I look for in a good character is someone that is funny, cool, intelligent, super smart, and that is intense.  For example,  Michael Vay has a lot of characters that have powers and are clever. His friends are super cool and smart.   It is important for the character to have a good personality and has to be developed really well by the writer.  It’s important to have people talking and you need expression. It also needs to have

e an adventure that is really good.  The character need to have lots of personality and the story has to make sense.