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I’m a Big Kind Now!

I Inprove by laerny lots of good thig though out the yeas

Secret secrets are no fun ;secret Hurt somone

Keping a secrets is not very  becuas secrets can hert ether people and you never konew if tis about you I say even you sould tell the skert of how it is about and it could hert there filling and you may fill like you are getting  may not,you may end you relashonships with however kepping secrets if still a good thing becuas you could stop

Love Moderately

Trying to do things in a moderate way can teach me good things in everything. This can help me make good choices in a lot of places. Like if I go to a store and need a pair jeans I know I don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the best pair. I can spend a moderate amount of money and that will be okay. If I go to a BBQ and there is a lot of desserts and ice cream you have to pick which one you want to eat because too much is not good for you. Romeo and Juliet were not moderate of making the choice to get married right away. They might not really love each other and now they are married.

Should we Teach Shakespeare in School

I think we should teach Shakespere in school. Some people can learn things that they never have before and some people can keep learning and understanding more about Shakespeare. I think I will never read a play from Shakespeare on my own unless I had to read it for a class. His writing is so hard to read but I will know that I read Romeo and Juliet in the ninth grade at Pleasant Grove Junior High. A lot of teenagers are like Romeo and Juliet and think they are falling in love to get married and that is crazy. That is a good thing to have teenagers read about.



Why do suledt get so meny hates in the world its not ok to mack fun of sumone,bolly somwun, or even people that are on ytuder get lot of hate.and theos peolpe get there feling hert and then you they can’t get over it bercus its rode so when they get so menny and I konw we all get hated in the would but and then it into boling and hateing sone is not going to get you enywere so peopel hat athere becaus they are jelles of there,they have nuthing nice to say or they have nuthing to do so they hat on peopel just be kind.

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what happened with the sub

The subsittut that we had was riley nice she tould us a storys she was kind I would mind haveing her agen.  there were a cupll people that she bient like but rather then that it was good and the class was  riily good we take a lot we were respetfull there was sum peolp that she had to give a woring to and we did eveything that we were supost to the techer was okay.  I had my elbow neighbor next to me  and  he was not being quiet or working but I was trying to my work.

Evything I konw or think I konw about shakespeare

I think shakespeare is herd to read becus there is lat of herd werds and it is differcklt to understyand.I would not like to were his afits that her has becus they would be rilly hot in   in there and a powoms and uther stuff powoms are not my favorite becus some of them are powons but not all of them. I have seen pictures of Shakespeare and I could say that I know what he looks like but I just don’t know that much about him. I talked with my neighbor and I learned from Google that he was born and died on the same day.


How good is your self Asssessment

self assessment if very good in your life becus there is so meny good opertuntty you can riiley trus your self. you have to do it when you get older you sue it in test in gratty homwerk and so menny biffernt thing it culd be good or bad I supo. I konw it have help me in the past so I know how you do it right and you what Asseddment is is you are grating how well you did. When we ask others to help us tell us how we are doing we can grow and do things better.


How I feel About to kill a Mockingbird

I felt very good about the book I  really inprest with it I thout it was going to be really boring becuas it just diden loke hat good but then when  I stoted read it it just got beter and beter.I fet like it was very sad just becaus tom dident do it and they all saying that he did and he dident and he got thown into jell for no reason just beacause he is brown they didnt believe him and also he shouldve been treated better and atticus did the right thing for sticking up for tom and backing him up all the time hes a very good dad to scout and jem.

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep.”

I picked this from Atticus talking to Aunt Alexandra because he is saying that history has a way of repeating itself.  This is why he continues to fight for what is right.  He wants his children to see him fighting for right and know that even though it continues to happen, they will never sit back without a fight even if it takes everything they have to do it.  The children still know what is right and have not been taught to hate and this is why they weep.